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Kenapa perlu buat that dirty work???

One of the pleasures of owning a house near the woods is the fact that we get to enjoy the nature. But aside from all those romantic moments of waking up to the sound of nature, there's also some cons to having nature invaded your space. One of them is your house becomes a sanctuary for birds to do their "DIRTY WORK!".

Yerp, our balcony is forever filthy with bird poops. But the thing that annoyed me most is when they start pooping on the jemuran at the back! Funny thing is the birds alwaaaaaaaaays choose to poop on the big guy's clothing. I wonder if it's because :

A) It's a she-male bird that has been doing the 'dirty work'. She might has a crush on the big guy and thought of 'marking her territory' by pooping on his clothing
B) It's a he-male bird and he has a crush on the big guy's wife. So he pooped on the big guy's clothes to show his contempt towards the man!

What do you think? Sila pilih jawapan yang tepat! Hahaha!


  1. haha.. lawak aa all those reasons.. haha

  2. C: both of the answers *the bird has sexual orientation issue* hahaha

  3. haha i suka jawapan B itu muahaha,.,.

  4. hahahha about both answers??? hahahahaha



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