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As a housewife who has to cook daily because the husband loves home-cooked food THAT much, I always ran out of ideas on the dishes to cook each day. You can say that I always plan my week on Sunday by listing out the dishes that I want to make for the rest of the week, and still when the time comes, I get all blank on what to cook. Ironic huh?

Sometimes - not always - I  do get the urge to cook something that I never did before, but too lazy to check out the recipe. When my kamikaze mood came knocking on the door, I would just proceed cooking without knowing the full recipe. Sometimes it turns out edible, sometimes out-of-this-world scrumptious, sometimes it could only be eaten by the birds and not human. Hahaha!

But this nasi daging I made (without knowing the complete recipe) was totally awesome! That whole day, mak dan anak melahap macam tak makan sebulan ok!


  1. I think we have a WINNER for our next bukak posa gathering ... dont you think!!?! ... nampak sgt yummy!

  2. Memang sgt yummy, food presentation pon cantik ^_^.

    Tetiba rasa lapar tgk nasi daging nih.

  3. I tak penah try buat nasi daging.. i think it is so complicated so malas nk mencuba.. hehe.. looks delicious though..

  4. ok. approved. nampak sedap ok. hihihi~

  5. wah, rajinnya masak.. nampak pun sedap! lamanya tak makan nasi daging.. dulu masa dok utara, bila raya qurban banyak dapat daging, dapat la merasa nasi daging...

  6. wow, looks delicious. another Nigella in the making ;).

  7. share please....bagi resipi..nak nak!



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