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Just like abah!

Boys will always be boys, no matter where they are or where they go. 

One fine, sunny morning in Kelantan.

The big guy was having breakfast at this one stall while I finished mine wayyyy earlier. I wanted to do some last minute shopping before we pushed off to KL. The little guy was forced to tag along.

As I browsed through the stalls, I came to one that sold selections of bracelets and bangles. I stopped and reached out to try out one that caught my attention. The moment my fingers touched the beautiful bracelet, I heard a thunderous voice behind me "Mama, kan mama dah ada tu kan! Tu yang mama dok pakai tu???". 

OMAIGOD! That boy really reaaaaaaaaallly takes after his father, after all!


  1. weahahaa hubby u dah train spy jr nampaknya! bahayaaa ;p

  2. hahaha ... lucky arees is more like ME!! ... he siap bagi comment like "ha tat nice!!!" ..."tanteeekk" ... and my most fav "WOW!!! NICE!!!" ... hahah ... sometimes he exaggerates la but it works for me ^_^

  3. pinkerton : itulah! bahaya betuuuuuuullll! hiks

    papakeechee : haha! nice! mine has been spending too much time with his dad he becomes very man-like in that sense. tsk tsk tsk

  4. Hahahahah.. comey la pulakkk.. mesti bengang hahah



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