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Pak Guard oh Pak Guard!

While I was in school, I was known among friends as the clumsy clown because, well, let's just say because my friends were always kept entertained with my clumsiness. I would trip over every single things in school, you name it. Stupid tree root at the padang, school bags that were lined at the corridors, the drain, some lopak when during rainy days.You just name it lah, semua benda I pernah trip over.

To my dismay, the clumsiness doesn't stop there. 

After school. When the big guy and I started dating, that was when I started to have a fondness for high heels. Baru-baru belajaq pakai heels, faham-faham saja lah. I trip a few times here and there. But one incident that I can't forget was when we went into one computer shop as the big guy wanted to buy some ermmm...stuff for his pc. I sat on the round stool, hook my heels over the stool rail or whatchamacallit, and then forgot that I did it. So when it was time to go, I immediately stood up and because the heels of my shoes were still hooked up over the stool, I fell flat on my face!Serious malu tak hingat ok! Terus blah and never set foot in that shop again. Hahaha!

Image googled

And then after I had the little guy, I trip again at my mum's house. This time the fall was quite bad that I sustained an injury to my leg. My brother who witnessed the incident actually LAUGHED at me instead of helping me up. Haremmmm! Tunggu la hang jatuh nanti, confirm kakak gelak guling-guling! :-p

My latest 'falling' incident happened just last week.

We were at the iCity, Shah Alam. It was such a pretty sight with lights all over the place.I got a tad more excited than I should've been, and went over the forbidden area to take pics. I didn't know that it was a forbidden area though. The guard mercilessly blew his dang loud whistle at me and I got pretty nervous and kalut at the same time, so I stepped back a few feet and felt on my big ass while there were lots of bystander watching. Malu siot! 
Penat control ayu!
Saya benci pak guaaaaaaaarrrdddd!!!!


  1. heheheheh...

    tapi kan.. yg icity tu... memang ada kawasan dia tak bagi pijak.. ntah nape ntah... padahal kan tempat awam.. hehehe

  2. hahaha..pak guard bangla pulak tu..memang geram laa kan..baru syok nak posing2 kat area2 yang tak boleh posing..hahahaha..

  3. adoi!!! poor thing ... tak pe orang tak ingat kot ...

  4. morale of the story:
    flat is safe.

  5. echa : tahhhhhhhhh...nak masuk pun kena bayaq maa..heheheh

    elissmie : oh bangla eh? tak perasan dah...muka dah tebal time tu. hiks

    papakeechee : harap2 takdak orang yang dikenali nampak! haha

  6. syida : tidakkk! masa jatuh kat iCity saya adalah memakai crocs flat as it could be!

  7.'s least u have something fun to be remembered =)

  8. kekeke..sori i tak tertahan gelak.. takpe2, lampu tak terang sgt kan situ..derang tak cam..heheh.. your entry buat i nak blog psl i jatuh & i pi said sorry kat org depan i..i tak taulaa nape i gi ckp sorry kat org tu padahal, org tu tak buat ape pun...heheh..i know the feeling..i feel you bebeh:)

  9. adoooi, i know how is your feeling.. mmg malu!! ni jatuh dalam gelap ok la sikit kot, baru2 ni intan jatuh kat tempat bowling..dah la ramai gila orang!! seyes malu,trus amik bag n blah.. main pun tak habis.. huhu!

  10. same kes mcm petisuara lah ni..memanjang nak tjatuh je ye dak

  11. inche isteri : yeah! at least whenever i remember it, it gets me chuckling. hehe

    maya : hahaha takpa...i rasa orang kat situ pun sure nak tergelak. hiks...hahaha letak entry tu..sure kelakar gak! hiks

    intan : ya Allah...maluuu! intan pi ngn sapa? hehe

    petisuara : iyaaaaaaaa!!! baca blog post HB pasai Petisuara really reminded me of myself. haha!

  12. oh no!!!
    kesian kat u.

    kalo i pun, harus la 7 keturunan x mau jejak dah tempat tu..hehehe



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