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Isu kekurangan minyak pulakkkk!

I kind of hate watching the news nowadays.The news are pretty much the same every seasons. Balik-balik kurang stok gula, kurang stok minyak, sat yang tu naik harga, sat yang ni naik harga! Gaji laki haku tak naik-naik jugak! Haiiiishhh!

I think we are just gonna have to reconsider my suggestion to the big guy a few weeks earlier. That is to live in the woods like Tarzan and Jane. Senang skit! Then we won't get caught in the middle of oil or sugar crisis. Makan akar kayu pun sedaaaaaaaap apa! Errrmmm...once you get used to the taste, that is.

Image googled

But erkkk... big guy, if we somehow decide to live in the jungle sometime in the near future, please let me bring along my handbags and shawls collections. And most importantly, MY MAKEUP CASE!!! That, I can't live without. Hahahaha!


  1. walaupun dok dlm jungle.. vouge tetapss vouge..heheh

  2. hahaha so cute....classs gitu!

  3. maya amir : itu mesti! haha!

    zarin : hehehe



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