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Off To Kelantan!

I finally managed to gather the mood to write about our little trip to Kelantan.

Well, when I tell people that we were going to Kelantan for a holiday, everyone and I mean EVERYONE would be puzzled as to the reason why would we go holidaying in KELANTAN? Well frankly, I wasn't that excited too at first because the initial plan was to go to USS Singapore, but tetiba the big guy changed plan due to ermmmm..budget constraints. Eheh!

So Kelantan it was. As long as I get the chance to get myself out of this boring island, I don't mind going anywhere on earth!

But the trip didn't started out well. 

First, the little guy wasn't on his best behavior at all throughout the whole time! The morning we were to push off, he vomited all over himself, while we were having breakfast at the mamak. And then there was the extra-tiring long journey through the long-winding road from Penang to Kelantan, to dampen my spirit.

Because of the road condition, I had to be a traffic officer and kept reprimanding the big guy if he sped up even just a little. At one point of the journey, it rained cats and dogs, and made my gloomy mood even worse! We ended up spending close to 8 hours on the road before we finally met up with his friends in Kota Bharu. Haha! Gila kebas bontot ok!

Throughout the journey, we only stopped at one R&R, that's the Hentian Perah. The food there was seriously awesome, sedap gilos but the toilet was out-of-the-world yucky!!! Seriously, never in my life had I ever had to use too many yucky public toilets in just one journey. Sangat geli ok! So not well-maintained at all! Lucky thing that the little guy was asleep almost all the way throughout the journey so I didn't have to entertain his crankiness whatsoever. Kalau tak, sure mak dia bertambah moody!

But once in Kelantan,  the holiday aura started to seep into my mood. I can't believe I was actually enjoying myself in the small town that don't even malls like Penang has. The little guy had so much fun too, though he had a hard time choosing between two girls (our friend's daughters), kakak and adik and ended up playing his card for both. Hahaha!

The night we arrived, the big guy friend's brought us to dinner at Wau Restaurant in town. The food was pretty decent and not as what I expected it to be - SWEET! It cost less than RM50 for 4 adults meal and a bowl of fries and drinks for the kids. The next time you are there, make sure to try their Nasi Goreng Wau. Very delectable!

The next day, we went jalan-jalan around town, basically to the KB Mall, Pacific Mall?, Pasar Siti Khadijah, Wakaf Che Yeh, Pengkalan Kubor and a few other places which I forgot the names of. The good thing is, you can get things pretty cheap there if you know where to look at. I got to buy some baby stuffs for diaper cakes for a fraction of the price that I could get in some online shops. And the souvenirs I got for the moms e.g baju kelawar is wayyyyyyyy cheaper when bought in Pasar Tani compared to the shops around town. S0oI would say, if you seriously wanna shop for kain, caftan or that kind of stuff, better get up real early and make way to the Pasar Tani(s) instead of the famous tourists spots.

Because things were pretty cheap there, I shopped like crazy (mostly for souvenirs, diaper cake stuff and  a few toys for the little guy) and the big guy didn't even flinch looking at the handful plastic bags in my hands. Hehehe!

And I almost went bonkers looking at all the nasi kerabu that were sold everywhere in the morning, and I almost succumbed to the urge of eating nasi kerabu day and nights. Yeah, nasi kerabu is one of my fave dish, but I can hardly get a decent ones selling here in Penang ok!

I have to say, the food in Kelantan was pretty good, again, not as sweet as I thought it would be! Btw. Do you know that Kelantan is famous for Belut (eel) dishes? The friend brought us to eat tomyam and sup belut someplace I don't know the name of. But since I am no adventurous lady when it comes to food, I declined the belut menu but stick to the ones I'm familiar with! Heeeee!

Overall, I would say that our trip to Kelantan was indeed enjoyable, one because of it's food. And then came the best thing of all,  the fact that I was let loose shopping for stuff without the big guy hovering over me like a hawk! Hahaha!


  1. nak ikotttt...owh, how i miss shopping and eat all i want in qelate.

  2. the nasi kerabu looks so yummy.
    and hey, is it really cheaper in pasar tani? hmm

  3. saya tak penah sampai kelantan lagi. so kesian kan?

    akak, betui ka kat sana emas murah? hihihi~

  4. yatie : hahaha...sila lah pulang ke kampung halaman, cepat! hehe

    isabelle : sangat yummy esp ayam dia tu..ermm...i guess so sbb caftan yang sama jual in shops for about rm25 each, i beli kat pasar tani rm15 each! hehe

    GB : haa kesian kesian. hahaha! erkkk...akak tak sure la plak. tak shopping barang kemas kat sana. hiks!

  5. Drama mama.
    i suka kelantan sebab their nasik kerabu. so yummy! kalau pegi sana memang enjoy eating their food..

  6. hahaha... adeh.. baca pun macam dah penat... kitorang pulak mmg dah berikrar takkan gi kelantan/terengganu by car ever again... muahahaha..

  7. Nieza: me too! Nasi kerabu is my fave

    Mamaeesya : penat but we had so much fun!it was great experience too lah, mmg dh xnak g anytime soon :-D

  8. Next time bila akak dtg kelantan, jgn lupa singgah rumah saya. dekat je kat pengkalan kubor.. btw, kat pasar Jumaat at Wakaf Bharu, sangat seronok, banyak kaftan and kain.. hehe

    Salam perkenalan. Im Kelantanese.. ^_^



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