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When an over friendly kid met the hostile one!

One sunny evening.

The little guy grab his momma's shirt and pulled her out of the house. He was pretty bored being cooped up at home all day long. He wanted to have some actions at the playground.

So his momma succumbed. 

After a fun time at the playground, he made her brought him to feed the fishes. And finally, after he was all bored with other activities, off they went to the baby pool. Upon entering the pool, they noticed another pair of Mom and Child at the pool too. Both mommies smiled at each other and sat by the poolside watching over their kids. They had a small talk regarding the weather and all things related.

And back to the pool.

Being the annoyingly friendly preschooler that he is, once inside the pool the little guy started to splash water at the kakak, hoping to get splash back. Against his momma's stern warnings not to splash other people! The boy just wanted to have some fun. After a few attempts on his side, the kakak threw an annoyed look at her sweet mom, made a hostile face and said "Siaw ahh!".

Kesian anak aku di cop gila. Tulah sapa suruh over-friendly tak tentu hala!


  1. isabelle : hahaha tu lah si kenit ni. dok over friendly sangat. hiks

  2. haha..kak bai..kena eksyen lik kat kakak sepet tu...bagi adik pmpuan kat irfan..hahaha..(ada kena mengena gak kan sikit2 ngn post tu.pls say yes kak)..hahaha



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