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Look at the mess we made!

You know, having no internet connection during the day ain't so bad after all. At least, it helped me to cast away the procrastination and moved on with things that really needed to be done around the house!

Take for example these drawers in the little guy's room. They look real neat as it is, isn't it? But the outer look is just so very deceiving I tell you. These drawers could be the nest of cockroaches and even mice for all the junks stuff it held. They were just begging to be cleared!

Goodness gracious! Would you look at that? I almost got a heart attack when I saw all those junks toys strewn across the floor like that. Luckily the little menace suddenly turned into little angel, for he helped me out storing them away. Well, let me tell you a secret ladies. The main reason for him to helped his momma was because *cough*cough* I threatened to dumped all them toys in the huge garbage bag if he didn't! Muahahaha!

Somehow, threats really work wonders on this guy. :-p

After all those picking and selecting works we did, we only managed to gather a small box of toys that the little guy was willing to put aside for his 'adik' - please don't ask me when his adik is gonna be 'produced' - and even less to be thrown away. Whatever I threw in the garbage bag, he took them out and put them back in either one of the drawers. Yang pecah-pecah pun dia nak simpan, nak buat collection letak kat museum kot!

These are for adik
And the rest are for him!

Luckily, in the end, he succumbed to pressure from me to throw away some of the really useless ones. If not, I would have to go out to the hardware store and get a ROTAN, so that we won't have to play that I-put-in-you-take-out games with the toys!

After this, let's sort out the toys at your grandparent's house pulak!


  1. oooo we use the same 'trick' ...
    "tak simpan balik, ibu throw away nanti" :D

  2. sy kalu kemas2 mcm nie, mmg yg mana semak mata main buang jer..sakit mata tengoknya...byknya mainan irfan yer...siap ada simpankan utk adik dia...

  3. lets store away the toys kat rumah granny asalkan rumah kita bersih.heheheheeh

  4. huh..berkesan taktik u tu ye?
    i tried it on adam few times. kdg jalan, kdg haraaammm..dia buat derk jer

  5. colourful la toys irfan dlm drawers tu. i like!

  6. wowww.. banyaknye mainan.. hmm paling best ada tag "for adik"... hehehe

  7. pergh banyak giler mainan diaa.. terkezut i tengok hehehe

  8. rasp : high 5! :-)

    azni : boleh la sikit-sikit ja

    aida : hehehe

    hanim : kannnnnnn! i pun memang tak tahan rasa nak buang semua! wakakaka

    syida : hahahha buat semak kat umah gramps!

    isabelle : haaa budak ni sangat berkesan! i slalu kalau budak ni taknak kutip toys dia bersepah atas lantai...i sapu ja masuk penyodok. no mercy!!! dia kelam kabut kutip balik u!

    kayla : me likey too aunty kayla!

    atulhani : hahaha....kena cakap nak simpan untuk adik baru dia reluctantly agreed. kalau cakap nak kasik kat orang sure dia nangis tak berlagu.haha!

    lady : ni kira tak banyak la..i punya time kecik2 lagi banyak. haha!



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