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Hanger gelung idaman hati!

When I was a young lady - not that I'm old now, hehe- I used to have obsessions in arranging things neatly in my room. I arranged my books according to the authors and height. Arranged my scarves according to colors. Arranged the pens and stationaries according to their colors and types. And so on. My study desk at home was always neat though a little dusty. Haha!

Then, I got busier with life and forgot all about that little obsessions of mine. I got married, had a baby and life was hectic from then on. Before I realized it, the little guy grew up and don't need his mother as much as he used to. Sob sob!

So I got back to my little obsessions that has been neglected before. And so it starts with this! My tudung. Well, I don't have that many tudung awning to begin with, so I can actually make do with hanging them in the wardrobe. Like this.

But since I've laid eyes on this hanger, I can't stop dreaming about them. I sooooooo wanted it but didn't find concrete enough reason to purchase it.

Image googled

Image from this website

Until the moment my mom complained that her tudung awning are mostly damaged because she doesn't have a proper mean to hang them. So I told her about this hanger and she seemed very much interested in it. She plans to hang them exactly like in the first pic, with all her handbags too! Siap dah plan ok! Hahaha!


Alang-alang dah beli satu for mak, I might as well get one for myself too, right? At least I could save on the postage fee. 

Amacam big guy, boleh taaaaaaaakkkk???


  1. murah je kak.....10 engget je kat pasar tani shah alam. huhuhu

    kat ikea pun ade kak.....rembat la barang 4-5. ngeee

  2. untuk tudung awing keras nie memang sesuai lah sis...
    now selling at RM18 kot kalo tak silap i...
    every friday, kat jalan tengah ofis i ada jual..
    but since i dah beli, i tak amik kesah sgt harga dia...

  3. musti dpt punya la tu.
    u kena buat baik lebih sikit la arini once en.amin blk dr keje

  4. yup..this hanger memang sesuai untuk tudung berawning & selendang panjang...kalu kaum bapa nak gantung tie & belt pun ok gak. :)

  5. kat blog yang me tengah iklan disidebar tu ada bagi free postage jika beli mention tahu dr belog me :p mana tau bleh compare2 harga :)

  6. hehe i pon hang all my awning and selendang guna hanger ni.nak pakai tarik sajork!

  7. saya pun ada, tapi ni sebenarnye sesuai utk shawl.. tudung awning kemek kalau gantung banyak2

  8. ye so easy i pun baru rembat satu dari booth kat tesco so cheap eh rm 5



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