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We're sick!

Both the internet connection and the blog owner hadn't been too well for the whole week. The internet will only be healthy at night time, so the blog owner had been making scheduled entry for the whole week.  Oh yes, I did! Hence, I'm not able to reply to comments and blog walking as much as I used to.

Sorry peeps for not visiting you guys for so long already! Anyway, internet or no internet, I'm still a lazy bum at home. When I have no blogs to read, this is what I do!

Yerp, I got hooked up in the book! Poor little guy, still having to play alone. Hehehe!


  1. cant remember the last time i picked up a book .... hmmmmm ... yeah my last exam ... huhuhu =P

  2. hope u'll have a speedy recovery sis! take care..

  3. semoga cpt sembuh..xboleh jenguk blog n surf tenet dm ngadap buku plak yer..sian irfan...xpe meh irfan pg umah acik boleh main ngan abg danish



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