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When they start seeing ghost!

On that Deepavali night, the little guy slept pretty early. But he woke up at midnight due to the pom-pom-pom-pom noises from the fireworks near our place.

Once he was up, he demanded to see the fireworks. Not because he wants to celebrate Deepavali of course, just because he enjoys watching  fireworks. Hehehe. So the big guy brought him next door because it could only be seen from that room, the computer room cum study cum guest room. 

After a while, because I hate being left alone in a room, I decided to join them. So we watched fireworks together. And then after the fireworks stop, suddenly I noticed the little guy staring intently at something outside the window. After a minute or so, with an undefined expressions on his face, he said to us "Nampak tak tu hantu dok mai? Haaa tuuu, nampak tak dia dok mai?" while pointing outside the window. Ok very straight to the point menusuk ke jiwa penakut mak dia lantas membuatkan lutut mak dia terketaq-ketaq! It really sent shiver down my spine and made the hair around my neck stood up uols!

I immediately look at the big guy with a horror face. He then said to the little guy "Tell the hantu to go away! Shoo shoo!". Ceh! Sempat lagi buat lawak! And I was like panicky already, so I urged him, "Hey, ajaq la dia baca apa2, the hantu won't go away by mere shooing!". But he was still making annoying jokes like that, so I tried to distract the little guy's attention. However, his eyes were still staring at the same spot, and he still had that same undefined expression he had on when he first spotted the supposedly ghost.

After regaining my composure, I quickly recited ayatul kursi in my heart. After like 30 seconds, the little guy then said "Haaa, tu dia tak mai dah, dia pi dah, nampak?"

And immediately I let out a long looooooooooooooooongggg sigh of relieve.

I can't imagine if that happens when I'm all alone with the little guy, confirm haku pengsan kat situ jugak!


  1. OMG! what a scary experience sis...
    me pun pernah go tru tat kind of situation with my kids...
    the only logical thing for us to do is NOT PANIC kan....
    then bacalah ayat kursi ke apa ke...
    tapi sempat laaa meremang bulu roma kann...

  2. bai, aku rasa ur son ni ada 6th sense la..baik hang cek dia betoi2. budak2 ni dia boleh nampak apa yg org besaq tak leh nampak.

  3. aiyark, leh lak ur hubby buat lawak eh hehehhe

  4. hahaha. i nak tergelak pun ada wpun tgh saspens.

  5. rasp : very scary indeed! memang i senang nak panic, masalah tul! haha

    syida : kannn!

    raud : haaa budak2 camtu la kan. huhuhu

    yatie : tahhh! dia memang gitu!

    isabelle : hang gelak naaa..hehehe

  6. hahahaha... sudah sampai masanya... adoi... mmg menakutkan aaa depa nih.... tu laa salah satu sebab tak nak tidur kat umah sendiri dgn eesya jer kalau abah dia keje malam... macam segala tok nenek dia boleh nampak... last2 dia boleh tido senang lenang, mama dia tersiput2 nak tido..

  7. mmg meremang bulu roma..huhuhu

  8. meremang segala bulu bile kena camtu..nsb baik big guy buat lawak,tu psl antu lari..haha..

  9. rozana : hahaha...nasib i ble tahan tak pengsan

    mamaeesya : haaa kan! tapi dia cakap ngn muka selamba plak tu. tsk tsk tsk

    joy : sangat!

    azni : hahahahaha...hantu pun takut kat dia eh :-p

  10. huwarrrghhh!! takut ah!!! ... i hope arees doesnt come up to me as say that la ... i will also pengsan on the spot .... @_@

  11. Hahaha.. ayat last yg tak tahan tuuuu



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