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Weehoo! Ada anonymous masuk my blog lah!

Wow! I rarely get comments from anonymous, so when the big guy told me that there was an anonymous comment yang STEADY for my previous post, I was all excited ok! So much so that I decide to publish THE comment this time around. Hehehe...

Btw, my previous post wasn't intended for any specific person and so no one should take offense of it. As it is with all bloggers, the opinions expressed in our respective blogs are solely ours and has nothing to do with anyone of you out there, so if you do feel offended, then go ahead and butt off my blog click that X button on the right hand corner of your screen. Peace!

But I really do appreciate Superheroes Mom's  point of view because her point really, really put me into deep thought! As such, I believe that we Muslims has been celebrating events that we don't know where it originated from. Like the New Year's Eve, whoever  knew that it originated form Pagan rituals and then later adopted by Christianity? I for sure didn't know, but lucky me I'm not much of a New Year's Eve celebration fan.Of course we do and still will enjoy watching fireworks because regardless of what celebrations they have, even  for the Olympics, fireworks is still just that; fireworks. But now that Mommy Azan pointed it out, harus lah find out whether it is permissible to celebrate it before we decide to do it, if we somehow feel the need to celebrate it this year. :-)

What about Valentines?

Used to celebrate when I was in school but once I heard of it's origin, all celebrations had been put to a halt.


No matter what it is, I believe that your nawaitu plays the most important role. BUT, don't also forget the saying that "matlamat tidak menghalalkan cara". So if we want to be totally sure of  the hukum, then I guess we just gonna have to ask the wise about this matter. 

If you do believe that Halloween celebration is a must in your dictionary, then go ahead. Lakukan tanpa was-was, but please let the rest of us express our opinion as freely as we want to, anyway, anyhow we want to do it.  After all, this is still my blog and my 'Aftermath-bad-mouthing' entry , isn't it? 



  1. dear,
    everybody has their own views pedulik kan jer ngan org lain punye view..anyhow it is your blog..suka hati la kan nak tulis ape pon..hehehhe
    As for me, i mmg bukan jenis yg suke celebrate suma bende lain buat xsemestinya kita kene ikut kan...tepuk dada tanya hati...:)

  2. macam2 org kat dunia ni kan..tegur salah, x tegur lagi salah huhuhuh

  3. hahaha cayala ade anon..i tak pernah lagi dpt anon punye komen.

    anyhow.i respect ur opinion..others yang celebrate tu i assume they just want to have fun dengan bertemakan hallowen je kot takde maksud lain.

    keh keh keh i pon tak celebrate valentine so macam pelik plak rasenye nak celebrate hallowen eventho nampak i sambut new year!

  4. working mom : true! :-)

    yatie : nowadays kalau benda salah..nak tegur pun serba salah. tolak ngn hati lah alamatnya :-)

    GB: Words of wisdom?

    Liz : long as they don't hide behind animosity like coward people do, i'm fine with other people opinions! really :-)

    farah : perhaps. like i said, nawaitu counts. haaa u sambut new year ngn parti buih ka? hahaha...jokes ok, jokes!

  5. u tau dak ape diff ur blog dgn others. u adalah antara bloggers yg rajin meletakkan soklan di hujung entry. it shows that u nih tak pentingkan diri dan bleh accept others opinions and mmg i bleh differ from other domestic entry u. itu adalah satu point yg buat i baca ur blog.

    bad mouthing? oh please... THATS THE MAIN REASON TAUUU!!! if u dont post any of those entry mmg i bad mouthing psl u pulak!!

    haha peace cik anon.

  6. ely : ur the best babe! *one big hug*

    anom : thanks yong! :-)



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