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The Jerangkung in the Closet

One of the reason why I love gossiping chatting with my biras is because we share the same interest : makeup! Yeah, if you haven't know, I'm a makeup freak. At times when I'm in the mood, I would test all sorts of eye makeup at home. Imagine me cooking sambal tumis with smoke-eyes look on, lawak tak? Hahaha!


Last weekend when I met her at the in-laws, Papakeechee was all excited to show off her latest makeup purchases. Oh, we love bragging about our purchases to each other, because we can tolerate the bragging like nobody else could. Haha!

I was attracted to one of her purchases, that is the gel eyeliner from Cosway because it is cheap and I can only afford cheap stuff! Since I've never tried a gel eyeliner before, I got all psyched to try this one out. And on the way back home, I made the big guy stop at Cosway and purchased it once and for all. Once we arrived home, I was hoping to try it immediately, but duty called. Had to prepare cucur for tea, and then whipped up dinner while taking care of that little fellow's needs.

So after they were both well-fed, I started the mission to paint my face and this time, my main aim was to learn how to apply the gel eyeliner properly without smudging it. I think for a first timer, I did quite a good job, as there wasn't any mess at all on my eyelids! Hoorah! And I invented a new eye makeup 'style' that my mum called 'Jerangkung'. But I love them because they make my eyes look, well, ermmm...different than they normally does. Hehehe.

The crime weapons used for the Jerangkung look (plus my Manly eyeshadow palette not in the pic)

On a different note, I find it really hard to create smoky eyes that does not look jerangkung-like. Can any of you give tips on how to create gorgeous smoky eyes that won't make you look like some ghastly creature? Please share!


  1. hehe i nak jugak tau the tips sebabnya balik kali dok try tak menjadi

  2. tips 1: gaduh dgn laki smpi lebam kena tumbuk kat mata

    tips 2: nangis byk2, jgn tido cukup.

    tips 3: sila rujuk youtube. hehehe

  3. sy pon br berjinak2 ngn make up sjk keje gomen ni..dulu haremm nak pakai make yang gel eyeliner tu xpandai la nak pakai,comot je jd nye..

  4. i've tried few times before tapi tak jadi i prefer fresh face looks rather than smokey eyes.i pernah suruh orang shu uemura tu ajarkan, tapi bila balik buat sendiri, tak jadi pun =(. or im not talented nak lukis2 ni.

  5. gel eyeliner cosway tu bp rgt ea?

  6. alamak dm sy xtau lah tips yg betul buat smokey pun xpakai eye shadow...

  7. lady : haaa kan! susah tul nak buat mata berasap nih. tengok youtube pun tatap tak pandai. haha

    isabelle : tips no. 2 tu kalau buat jadi panda eyes jaaaaaaaaa, tak cukup smokey! nangis banyak2 takut jadi kassim selamat alaaaaaa kassim maafkan mak kassim. hahahaha

    azni : oh yaka? i pun skang sejak jadi mak2 ni bauu la pandai sikit bermakeup.dulu makeup basic ja. hehe

    syida : haa fresh face is always the safest kan. hehehe

    cik epal : dua puluh hinggit plus plus sajaaaaaaa.hehehehe

    hanim : ohh...kena suh si kenit ajar buat smokey eyes lah hanim. haha

  8. cute jerangkung takpe jgn scary jerangkung :P

  9. dear;
    i mmg malas nak makeup sbb malas nak kene cuci bila nak solat then nak kene tepek balik..huhuhu..
    so, makeup i cuma lipstik and lukis kening jer la...hehehhehe

  10. semalam i tried the look on azura (again!) using the cosway pallete ... jadik ok!!! hmmm bila mau try test kat MT??? BILAA???!!! ... hehehehe



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