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Wow! Halloween has become a common celebration among Muslim!

I don't know if you guys noticed it or not, but it's like a trend now for Muslims to celebrate Halloween , kan? I always thought that Halloween is a Christian celebration, but didn't know the real meaning behind it. So I was  amazed to see some of us siap ada party to celebrate it. Yes pardon me, saya memang ketinggalan zaman, didn't know that this trend has been acceptable among the Muslims now.

After wiki-ing it, this is what I found out :

Halloween (or Hallowe'en) is an annual holiday observed on October 31, primarily in Ireland, Scotland, Canada and the United States. It has roots in the Celtic festival of Samhain and the Christian holiday All Saints' Day, but is today largely a secular celebration.

So what about you guys, ada buat parti buih complete with trick or treats during Halloween that day?


  1. i tak penah lagi celebrate tapi suka tengok pumpkin carving tu... makin lama pumpkin tu nampak makin menyeramkan.. huhu...

  2. i think dorg bkn tau deeply what does it means. they just celebrated it suka2 la kot. just for fun. just like valentines day! kan? well, as long as dorang tak menyimpang dr akidah sudah la.... lets pray for all our muslims supaya tidak terpengaruh sgt dgn ajaran2 lain ini yg boleh menyesatkan. amin!

  3. eventhough i've been invited a couple of times,
    i tak pernah attend or celebrate lah sis...
    tapi i do know a few of my muslim friends yang celebrate..
    pernah tanya dorang, tau ke makna halloween tu before dorang sanggup nak celebrate,
    tapi dorang cam buat dono je...

  4. do u celebrate New Year's Eve? it originated from pagan rituals and later adopted by Christians and over time, is celebrated in varying degrees by everyone. if u sit by ur balcony to enjoy the fireworks to mark New Year's eve, does that make u a lesser Muslim? points to ponder.

  5. hm. yg mana ikut budaya agama lain tu tak payah la selebret...

  6. kira halloween tu mcm
    event nk takut2kn hantu kn?
    tp kt cni hntu plk yg tkt kt derang2 ni..;p

  7. boleh kata cam upacara semayang hantu oleh kaum cina or watever agama yg dorg pektikkan tak? i xpenah ingat bila halloween haha tp mmg skang menjadik2 la celebration among muslim. and baru2 nih pas tgk fashion police i terpikir gak nk pakai baju ape IF i join the celebration haha

  8. iyerrr makin ramaiii yg join... i tak plak celebrate... but ada bw my kids gi stall dia jual topeng n costumes...test n amik gambar tapi tak beli punnn....;)

  9. dlm metro arini ckp fasha sandha dan joe flizzow smbt halloween ni..

  10. party buih takde, trick or treats takde, fun games ada. ;p

  11. oh!!! it's an "IN" thing now eh? heheh .. tak pe la ... tak berminat ... i dont even know when it is?

    btw got my make up d!!!! ... ngah ngah ngah ^_^

  12. "So what about you guys, ada buat parti buih complete with trick or treats during Halloween that day?"

    if you feel that its not right for muslim to celebrate halloween, isnt it nicer when you put it straight to the point? :)

    coz this post smells nothing more like an aftermath-bad-mouthing-entry to me

  13. pumpkin bikin gulai lemak labu lg best daaa... cekodok labu pun besh....

  14. i terserempak dgn hatu jepun masa jalan2 kat dlm mall hehe



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