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Ikan makan orang?!?

Have you guys ever tried the fish spa? The big guy did, but not me. The fish spa is all about letting the fishes attacking your leg, right? That's scary ok so I'll pass thank you!

Since the big guy's leg has lotsa kudis buta dead skin cells, he was all semangat to try it out over  the weekend. It was only good that he did, because I can see the fish attacking him like they haven't fed for a year! I'm sure  the moment he put his feet inside the pool, the fishes were screaming among themselves "FOOD!! FOOD!! So many fooooood!!" Hahaha. They attacked him like crazy, ignoring other legs in the pool.

Tapi kan, the big guy said it was tingly and painful. The adrenaline kind of pain. The fishes didn't spare him at all, they snacked and snacked until there was one part you can see the big guy's reddish isi! Haish! Perhaps there was a piranha who tried to camouflage itself among them other fishes?!? Hehehehe.

Tengah menahan kegelian
His feet felt clean afterward. But come what may, I would never ever let them fishes eat anything on my leg. I prefer to scrub them off with my own bare hands, thank you!

But if you guys haven't try it but planning to, I have one advise for you : SHAVE OFF YOUR BULU KAKI FIRST! Kang tak pasal2 dok ouch! ouch! sebab ikan-ikan tu dok cabut bulu kaki uols! Hahaha!


  1. hahaha...kalo ikan tu cabut bulu kaki sekali, xyah la pi wax dah...lagi save

  2. hahahah..part cabut bulu kaki tu lawaks okeyy...
    xyah beli dah segala bende utk mencabut bulu kot..ekekekek

  3. wahaha....tak menahan...macam best ja..tak yah shave la bagi ikan tu tlg cabutkan...hihihi

  4. i gelak tak benti ok..geli semcm.. lagik beso ikan tuh lagik geli i hahahhaa.. tp sonok la selalu gak buat gitu n my sis n anak buah.. xyah bwk g movie or playland.. lepak spa fish pon dh cukup besh hehe

  5. isabelle : ouch! sakit tu wax!

    working mom : hahaha memang diorang cabut bulu kaki tau. the big guy said lah. haha

    KB : best ka? takut lah! hehe

    ely : hahaha sama lah cam amin. tapi dia cakap macam pedih2 gak. u tak pedih2 gitu eh? kaki u clean kot? hehe

  6. I penah try...Sekali je pastu tobat tamau dah..Sebab TAK TAHAN GELI!!! Geli mat-mat-mat-geli-mat....!!Hehehe..

  7. dah pernah pegi hari tu tapi tengok ajer.nk try jugak ikan buat geli2 kat kaki ni :)

  8. eeee i pun surrender laaa bab nie...
    geli plus ekceli macam scary dok bayangkan the fish feeding on your feet gitu...

  9. best!!!!!!!!!1
    saya suka!!!!

    of note..
    tiada ikan yang mati selepas itu ya..

  10. irfan mesti dok syok tgk bapak dia rendam kaki dalam tu...sib bik dia tak mintak dok boh kaki sekali..hahaha



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