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Semalam makan macam kambing!

Yesterday was the day we decided to eat HEALTHILY. Well, at least healthier than we always did! Our lunch dishes yesterday was mainly salad-based. Less salt in everything. And instead of using mayonnaise for the salad , we ganti them with cooking yogurt. So much healthier I tell you. But I still craved for mayo and MORE SALT PLEASE! Yeah, I'm unhealthy like that!
Btw,  we had potato salad, fruits salad and coleslaw for lunch yesterday. 

Oh, since dah kantoi dalam gambar, I might as well confess! We had fried chicken as well. Of course it's not THAT healthy, but at least healthier than store-bought! This one is totally home-made, from scratch. Ok tipu, tepung fried chicken adalah dibeli. Hehehe. 

Healthy food always leave me hungrier and hungrier and makes me wanna eat more! What about you?


  1. i teringat u citer irfan kata 'mama mkn tree' kalo mkn ulam.
    i guess yg smlm tu x considered as 'tree' la kot

  2. baru nak point to the chicken .. u dah admit dah ... hehehe ... but chicken is healthy ok ... PROTEIN!!! ^_^

  3. i eat like no tomoro hahahaha (i think u dh nmpak buktinye haha)

  4. if the chicken is lemakless = healty,but is it lemakless?i doubt.hehehehee
    sedapnya makan salad cenggitu....

  5. i was like 'WAAAAHHHH KAGUMMM'
    than u jez had to show off the 'side dishes' hehehehe
    kalo tak memang 'tipah tertipu' :)

  6. isabelle : haaa! semalam dia sibuk dok melantak jelly ja so dia tak pay attention to the vege. hahaha. tapi dia cakap tree kalau benda tu hijau and berdaun. hiks

    papakeechee : yes yes we need protein too kan! hahaha

    ely : hello babe, apa buktinya? i nampak u keding ja k! malu tau i nak jumpa u again before i slim down. hehehe

    syida : surprisingly, yes!!! my mom kalau buat chicken memang buang segala lemak and kulit. tak suka makan. tapi anak dia suka! hiks

    rasp : hahahaha....boleh mati kelaparan tau kalau makan salad ja! hiks

  7. waaa...mkn cam kambing haa..? anyw k.yah shud knw by now la kn camana jd salt-free ni..hehe



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