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Aku Yang Teraniaya

Alhamdulillah, after only 5 days of potty train, we are now accident free! That's not so bad huh for a 2 y. 8 m. old. When I first started him on the potty training, I almost gave up after the 3rd day. That's because when my mom came to sleep over, the little guy just kept on melepas everywhere on the floor. He was just too absorbed in playing with his grandma that he kind of neglected the need to 'go'. 

There was this one time on the 3rd day, my brother was playing with him at the balcony while I was having a chat with his fiancĂ© at the dining table. Then all of a sudden, the little guy slapped his forehead and said "Alamakkkk!" and grinned sheepishly at him. So my bro was like confused lah kan. Then he saw the pool of urine at the little guy's leg. Hahaha! Funny ok this guy. Well,  that's just how it had been until he got the hang of it. Peeing here and pooping there. It was messy moments for me, those 5 days were!

Then my mom pulak said that I was too paranoid because I kept asking the little guy if he wanted to go potty like every 2 minutes. Then once he said that he needed to go, I would sprint towards the bathroom, dragging him behind me! Ya lah, kalau dia buat taik kambing bulat-bulat atas lantai, tak ka jenuh haku nak kutip satu-satu! But due to my paranoia, the little guy now dah pandai tease mak dia. He would go "I WANT TO GO POTTTTTTTTTT....." and before he could finish the sentence I would start jumping up and grab him, rushing to the loo. Then he would laugh like a mad man and tell me "Taklah, takmau potty!". Sheesh!!!!!!!!

Hang saja suka buat naya kat mak hang naaa Irfan!!!!!


  1. tapi akhirnya berjaya jugak dia.... phew.... hilang suspen dah.

  2. Amboi Irfan ni...pandai sungguh dia mengusik Mama dia...Tak ke bertambah2 drama nnti jadinya...


    Congrats DM, setelah 5 hari berhempas pulas, berjaya jugak eksiden free!!Yayy!!

    Haruslah mintak hadiah from Big Guy kan?? ;p

  3. auwww ur boy is sooo cute. Sama lah dgn my daughter asyik main2 je. Ckp nak sheeshee tapi tak pon! Sampai skarang dok pakai diaper lagi :P

  4. notty ye irfan.
    ni ada set2 kuat menyakat mcm adam nie.

    anyway, well done.
    sekali-sekala terkucil tu nanti standard la. tapi lama2 ok la.i mean, duit diapers tu dah buleh la guna utk beli susu/diapers adik dia pulak *hint*

  5. wahh terer la irfann! untung la mama dia 5 hari je dah success! *clap clap*

  6. comel oo irfan ni naya mak dia..he eh he..mula2 mmg kelam kabut sikit dm tapi lama2 dah ok dah...

  7. tahniah!! i pon rase tu cara terbaik nak potty train..setiap 2 minit tanye hahaha sebab my aunty pon buat camtu kat anak2 die..menjadik!

  8. ya allahhh dia buat naya kat u??? hahahhaa.. sami selalu ckp.. mami, sami nak pee, sami nk poop.. dan disambung dgn ..'sami tanak toilet..' smbil selamba siapkn bisnes dia dimana2 .. cisss

  9. potty training ni memang mencabar gak but biasanya memang 1 week leh dapayt- i just drag them to toilet every 2 hours shhhhhhh tak keluar pun tak pa but part hajat besar tu memang masalah skit hehe

  10. haha pandai irfan buat mama dia gelabah.. :D

  11. Hu3x~~~ lucky me because both my children, during their 'from-pampers-to-panties-period' was greatly managed by my mom....

  12. potty train mmg menduga kesabaran yg sungguh tinggi for the mother...lain anak lain ragamnya. congrats to yr son coz he did it!

    but come to think of it - mempotty-trainingkan kids membuatkan my marble floor super shiny and super clean hahaha!

  13. hehehe.. wah, cepatnye u lepas 5 hr dh berjaya..

    i pun paranoid, setiap bbrp minit tanya..

  14. bagusnya!
    after 5 days je?
    i wish i can do that too.....
    hmm...let me start this weekend.
    tapi this weekend nak pegi jalan.
    tak jadi la.
    next weekend la kalau macam tu.

  15. aiyaaa

    notty irfan, kacau mommy dia..



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