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His first ever BATU KERAS!

Over the weekend, I met another gorgeous blogger, Zoe. She's like so gorgeous and sweet with extra double cherry on top, that I regretted not bringing the little guy over to meet Aunt Zoe. I'm sure that boy will have a huge crush on you if he sees you, tau Zoe!

We met up for only a  while as she was on a mission to 'raid' the Feringghi Night Market. The real reason for our meet up was that she ordered a diaper cake from me earlier, and so came to get it.

It was great meeting you dear, and thanks a bunch for the Hard Rock Tee. Susah-susah ja tau! The little guy loves it, but his momma's excitement beats everyone's else's.

It's his first ever Hard Rock T-Shirt ok uols! Of course la mak gedik lompat-lompat eksaited kemainnnnn kaaaaaaaan! Heeeee!


  1. tat is like the cutest batu keras i;ve ever seen!!! ... jeles jeles!!! #_# ... huhuhu

  2. tu belum lg baju hard rock utk mama dia.

  3. papakeechee : go get one for arees! then can pakai sama2 :-)

    isabelle : tu lah mama dia tengah gedik nak jugak! haha

    s mass : kaaaaaaaannnnnnnn!

  4. biasalh dm...mmg biasnaya mama2 yg akan lebih2...yg anaknya ok jer n relax jer...heeeee

  5. OMG malunya u cakap i gorgeous, dahla very the selekeh!! and gila jeles dengan ur flawless skin!! and it was nice meeting u! im glad u and d little guy likes the tee hehe :D



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