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My kind of therapy

You know what I do when a day at home with the little cranky guy is just too much for me to handle? I go down to the park for a breath of fresh air. With the little kiddo in tow of course. He needs to release those pent-up energy too or else he would be creating too much havoc at home!

One of our new fave activities nowadays is to have a picnic down there. When I'm not too lazy, I would make some nasik goreng / bihun goreng or any foods that are easy to pack and we'd be having them by the pool / playground, or under the shelter. While enjoying the breeze, and the terrific view surrounding us.

At other times, we would be having our fave fast food meals ever delivered to our doorsteps! And  bring it down to have it at the same place. This, I  absolutely loveeeeeeeee. Because I don't have to cook, and after we're done eating I don't have to do dishes. Just throw everything away at the dumping site back there. Ohhhhhhh, such a lazy bum I am! Hehehe.

I would recommend the same 'therapy' to you SAHM out there, who needs a break from the stress. Tapiiii, kalau dapat pi shopping, then you won't need this therapy lah for sure! You know what they say, retail therapy is the best kind of therapy! Haha!


  1. bestnya picnic.
    if u called yourself a lazy bum, then i should call myself the laziest bum-bum in the universe.heheheheheh

  2. hahaha ... macam buat promo retail therapy plak .... aiisshhh jeles la seeing u guys having picnis like tat ... i wanna be a SAHM alsooooooooooo .... huwarghhhhhhhhhh!!!! T_T

  3. wah!!! rajinnya u dear! but its good rite? glad that u enjoy it :)

  4. best tu
    hari2 terperap dlm rumah boring kan
    tapi kalau hari2 jadualnya opis-rumah-tido-opis-rumah-tido... pun boring jugak

  5. owh.. i luv that therapy! ekekke..

    sometime kemalasan memenuhi segenap ruang kehidupan kan?

  6. syida : hahaha..u rajin apa..pi keja lagi..balik rumah buat keja rumah lagi. respect!

    papakeechee : that is to justify my retail therapy that's going to take place soon! haha

    fizamior : ya i enjoyed it. :-)

    hanie : betul sesekali lepas opis takyah balik umah pi keluar jalan2 haha!

  7. mmg bahagia kalo x yah masak.
    nak nak SAHM mcm u. sekali sekala nak gak gantung senduk kan?

  8. wah..bercanda2 di nye..

  9. bestnya picnic2 kat umah...mesti lg berselera irfan yer...syok..

  10. well....2 days ago...i went beserk...
    i let my inner werewolf out....
    the victim is my son...
    i was yelling @ him like crazy!

    I feel so guilty cos i knew its totally unacceptable behaviour.

    I shud have leave them alone....distress myself before i do any activity with them.

    Unfortunately i'm stuck with no helper at this moment....

  11. rajin tul u sis...ur lil' hero is soooooo lucky to have a lovely mum like u! ni yg i nak jadik SAHM nie... having much more quality time with the children huhuhuhu...

  12. i nak buat correction kat your reply:
    i mmg pegi keje, tapi i tak buat keje di rumah.

  13. wow!!! retail therapy?? Serious??? Mak aiii....

  14. btul dpt gantung periuk....

    kalu wati yg jd SAHM, jadik jugak buat retail theraphy.....ikut my hubby time pi kerja n drop me at malls..hehehe

  15. wah ..besnt ye picnin 2 org...hehehhe
    eh, drama going to penang next month...hehehhe mane lg makan best??

  16. i punye therapy tgk movie tp picnic dgn kata lain makan lagikkk i suka! hahhaa



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