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Life As It Is

I've had a tiny, tiny little problems a couple of weeks back when I needed to settle some stuff at the bank. Whatever I had to do there couldn't proceed because my IC rosak lah apa lah, and I had to go here and call there to get a new one. Everything turned out againts me that day so in the end I got so fed-up and wanted to slash at everyone!

And then it hit me. I'm just not very patience nowadays, am I? I can't even endure a small dugaan that Allah put in my path.

When we face obstacles in life, no matter how small or big it is, and then we pray but it seems that things still would not work out the way we hoped it to be; sometimes we get angry at God for making our lives hard. Pernah tak rasa macam tu? We forget to be patience. All we wanted to do is to slash at everyone and everything that comes our way.

But then, Allah loves us all. All the tests that He puts us through is only to toughen us up. If we are always aware of that, then perhaps it would be easier for us to be patient and have total faith in Him. Because He is the only one who can make it better for us. If He doesn't seemed to be answering our prayers right then, it's because He is just keeping all the rewards for us to reap in the hereafter.

Alhamdulillah, after reading such mind-blowing article that night in regards to patience, again I learn that being patience pays!

So stop the bitching, stop the wailing, stop bad-mouthing other people. Instead, look at how to improve ourselves and DOA for Him to make it easier on us. Because doa is the best weapons that we Muslims have.

And thank you Allah for answering my prayers! :-)


  1. aminnnn...
    semoga dipermudahkan semua urusan! :)

  2. yup, Allah will answer our prayers, cuma cepat atau lambat jer.. Dia tak pernah lupa kat kita, kita jer selalu lupa kat Dia... huhu

  3. tengok x CINTA KIRANA scene Kirana marah pada TUHAN...jgn smpai kita jd cenggitu la Mama ye...terima kasih atas peringatan ini

  4. everything happen for a reasons. ALLAH knows the best for us. have a faith on HIM and always doa for the best and berkah dari-NYA, ALLAH suka mendengar doa dan rintihan kita pada DIA. take care.

  5. i nih ekceli seorang yg positip tau (walaupon kuat bebel & komplen), everytime ade dugaan, i selalu pikir yg Allah nk test i and Allah xkan bagi dugaan yg i xbleh nk handle. Abg i penah pesan kat i, selalu la mintak kat Allah tapi before mintak kena la bodek dulu jgn main mintak, so cara yg i selalu guna nk bodek ialah berpuasa, lps buka mula la i mintak mcm2 kat Allah (haha ok malu sendiri)

  6. Thanks for this post Yah.. It is indeed very true..Yong tengah melalui dugaan besar betul ni.. Betul2 menahan sabar je...



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