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The Missing Pieces

When we have friends and relatives with kids coming over to the house, they would be amazed that the little guy's toys are mostly still in good condition. Most parents would complain that their kids' toys are mostly broken into pieces after only a while.

Well, here I am sharing a proof that not all his toys are well taken care of! If I leave it to him to tend for his own toys, they'll definitely either gone missing, broken, torn or crumpled into tiny balls. So, most of the time, if I see that he's not capable to play with any toys the way it's supposed to be played with, I would keep them far out of his reach. Until the time comes when he knows to appreciate them, then I'll take it out again.

That's because I just hate missing and incomplete pieces like his 'Spiderman Susun' (that's what he calls those puzzles) above. They drives me up the wall!

Now, excuse me while I go scout around for those missing pieces. Sheesh!


  1. hahah ... rajin nyer!!! ... kalau i .. I would get arees to do it even if he has to drain out every inch of his energy to find it ... my work is to supervise ONLY! ^_^

  2. papakeechee : if I make Irfan do it, I would be the one drained out of energy because I will have to yell non stop at him. hahaha!

  3. my eldest boy pandai jaga menan dier..inherited to 2nd ones, banyak yg broken & books pun koyak, videos calar2..
    tunggu when u have 2nd ones, if the toy can last till next next one, sangat us some books yg memag susah nak jumpa, kami kena sorokkan dulu...
    i same like u..rajin kemas menan anak2 & tempat simpan pun ada kategorinyer.. :)

  4. sayang nye. if not dah boleh hantar frame..cuba you lukis bg complete ;)

  5. bagusssnyaaa DM...
    klu puzzle2 nih, jap je umur hayatnya kat umah ni...

  6. puzzle syaza & arif sekali buat complete la..pastu...missing in action..umi pun x kuasa nak cari..hehe

  7. kita sropa lah sis...
    i pun cukup tak puas hati kalo ada missing pieces...
    mau tupsy turvy rumah i dibuatnya sbb i nak cari sampai dpt :D...

  8. masuk kali keberapa ntah lil adam sepah & pasang puzzles dia, i ajar dia tampal dgn glue pulak. settle citer.
    no more hunting the missing pieces again.

    try it



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