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Do I really have a Korean blood in me?

I remember my mum used to tell us our birth stories when we were small. Nothing extraordinary about mine, but what I remember about it most is the part where my mum would say that when she popped me out, I was like soooo big and Snowy White. Ok, fine fine! I exaggerate part snowy tu! But I was fairer than my brothers was lah. Then my mum would continue the story by telling us that all the nyonya(s) in the hospital at that time crowded around me and kept on chanting "Waaa...manyakkk suiii ah" that my mom was afraid they would switch me with one of their babies. Hahaha!

Then just when I thought I would gloat about it, my horrible, horrible dengki brothers would start teasing me that I must've been switched, and they bet my real mom is somewhere out there having their real sister for keep. Bengong kan! 

To add salt to the wound, many- many times when I was still in primary school, the Chinese always mistaken me for their own. I always get spoken to in the "chong cheng chong cheng" language. You see, I wouldn't mind so much if I was all alone, but the first time it happened, I was with my cousins and siblings if I'm not mistaken. So you can imagine the torture I had to endure for a looooooooong, long time after that!

Nowadays, though I don't get spoken to in the language anymore, I still get remarks like "Waaa, you manyak cantik ahh macam Cina". *Ok, sila pitams skarang uols!* Ironically, the Chinese are always the ones saying those things to me, haha!

Well, I MIGHT or might not have a liiiiiiiiittle bit of the Chinese features on me, but it has no impact in my daily life. I'm definitely not a fan of their fashions, makeups nor their food. Oh saya tak minat! I'm extremely Melayu in that sense. But one thing that I can really go goo-goo-gaga over is their DRAMAS! Not exactly Mandarin or Cantonese Drama though, it's Korean dramas that I'm crazy about!!!

Among other things, I love hearing them speak in their language, the Korean language. And I especially love their love stories, be it the cute-cute ones or the sad-sad ones. One of the sad-sad one that I really love up till today is the ever-so-famous drama "Autumn in My Heart". Alah, uols sure tengok jugak kaaan. It was aired on TV almost the same time when someone close to me was diagnosed with the same fatal disease, so memang meninggalkan kesan mendalam dalam hati. Asal tengok ja cerita tu memang confirm berderai air mata. Sob sob!

Pic googled

And most of the Korean love stories, the happy-happy ones, are just so cute! That's because they are more realistic compared to most romantic love stories that I've seen. I especially love the kind of stories where they would fight, fight, fight in the beginning and fall in love in the end. Bak kata pepatah Melayu, "Kecik-kecik gaduh, besaq-besaq jodoh!". Hahaha!

Which got me to the MAIN point of this entry...

Big guy, let's bercinta Korean style, please!! 

And before I forget. The Korean guys are always so sweet in those stories, they'd always make their other half happy by bringing stuff that their women love whenever they meet.

So don't forget to buy chocolates a bunch of my fave roses and ice creams when you come back home today.

You know that would never fail to put a smile on my face. :-)


  1. chong cheng chong cheng... lol, that's really cute bai. hehe. hmm aku rasa kan, if ko tak pakai tudung, and iron rambut jadi super straight (like noe used to say of mine "rambut gravity"), with a fringe at the front, i think u might look just like one! sila test mlm ni depan cermin then let us know ok.

  2. that always happens to my sister..not me though. we have Chinese blood in us, but it's so apparent on my sister..and the apek selling candies and stuff next to the primary school would always speak in Mandarin or Hokkien..i dunno her, without fail.
    unfortunately, she didn't understand anything. none of us did. well, i do now, a lil bit je la..hehe.
    and my family pun kena sampuk dgn hantu drama Korea..especially my sister (again)..every good looking guy is her oppa :p

  3. beruntung suami dapat isteri cantik... :)

  4. kayla : alamak takde iron...kalau tak boleh try straighten my hair now! hehe

    vee : wahhh..kelakar kan. anyway, can u recommend any good Korean dramas to d/load please????

    lady : i saja perasan cantik, bukan cantik betul pun. haha! but ur hubby sangat beruntung lah dapat bini cantik dan pandai masakkkk! :-)

  5. u know what ur family is so one malaysia ... ada cina looking, indian looking and hindustan looking .... kekekeke ...

    oh i love to watch "FULL HOUSE" the Korean one and not the sitcom k ... itu pun sbb ada RAIN ... besides that yummylicious six pack!!! RAIN was so cute in the drama ... boleh cubit cubit cubit dia .... *grin*

  6. isabelle : dapatttttttttt! ngeeeeeeeeeee!

    papakeechee : hahaha..we r very the majmuk. I've heard ppl saying that full house best jugak! nak dload lah!

  7. Rain ada drama baru, currently being aired on KBS World Astro channel 391 tu. The Fugitive Plan B, i tak tengok sangat that one sbb skrg tengah final exam, tp kadang2 tengok gak..mmg cute sgt Rain tu.

    yang okay jugak - Glory for the family, Cruel Temptation, Angel's Temptation, Personal Taste..

    bnyak lagi...rasa mcm nk migrate dok Korea :p

  8. so that was why he bought so many cornetto ice creams in ur next entry tuh ek?



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