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Mimpi ngeri!

Believe it or not, the best thing about having a toilet-trained boy is not the fact that you get to cut cost on the diapers. But it's being able to shop for CUTE UNDIES!!!

Well, the day I started potty-training the little guy, I already started bugging the big guy to bring me underwear shopping. Of course it's not for me, but for the little guy lah kan! I've been lookin high and low for what else but the Spiderman undies, but have not found any so far. 

So we settled for the Batman undies for now, which are rather cute but too big for him! Even though we bought the smallest size that we could find. Apahal lah susah sangat nak cari underwear comey untuk budak 2 tahun nih!

The little guy climbing the grill, calling out to Baba Black Sheep to come out from the woods and come play with him. Haha! Ya-ya dia dok jerit BABA BLACK SHEEEEPPP! COMEEEEEEEE!!!!

Mana nak cari undies comei macam ni? Image googled

On a different but related note, these past few nights I've been having nightmares dreading the day that I would have to say this to the little guy's face : Hang jangan nak menggedik nak ada girl friend sangat, spender pun bapak hang dok beli bagi lagi!

Gulp! Ngeriiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!


  1. dulu little boy saya terpaksa tunggu setahun nak pakai underwear yg saya tersilap beli. luculah bila ingat balik.

  2. hahahaha... shopping underwear ler pulak... hari tu nampak banyak jugak choice dkt soxworld... tapi tak ingat ada spiderman ke tak...

  3. cube cr online dm...kalu kat sini boleh cr kat Brand outlet the curve, kdg2 jusco pun ada..up town pun ada jgk...

  4. ngeh ngeh ... seronok la can go undies shopping .. arees dah lama started wearing undies also but with diapers kat dalam ... aci tak??? ekekekekke

  5. hahahahahahhahaha pergh ayat lam mimpi tuh mantap! share tips on how u toilet train ur lil guy...i tak reti toilet train angels elder angel,my hubby toilet train..ehehe yang 2nd neh hubby suruh i..but i m blank...try byk kali tapi mission gagal shj memanjang



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