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Dah tak minum botoi dahhhhh?!?!?!?

The little guy has been off bottle for many months now.Well, he's not totally weaned off because I still allow him to drink in bottle when he's going to sleep. Kesian plak to rip him off the one pleasure before he closes his eyes for the night! Since he doesn't wakes up at night for milk anymore, I don't mind so much lah.

But most of the time when he's wide awake, he'll drink it from his tumbler. We bought for him the Marvel Superhereos tumbler for that purpose. And so far, he's loving it!

Ever since drinking from the straw-tumbler, he has not been feeding as frequent as he used to. He used to be such a drinker. Three months ago, one big can of Mamil Gold 1.6kg only lasted a week plus. But now, one can last up to three weeks! He drinks only once or twice per day, 5 scoops per feed. But he's eating a lot and I mean A LOT! Looking at his size, you wouldn't believe that he could eat rice up to 3 times per day. Hahaha! Makan banyak tapi tataaappp keding!

Alhamdulillah, so far I've succeeded in weaning him off his pacifier, bottle and potty trained. I don't start him on glasses yet, not because I'm afraid he would refuse. With this boy, I know that everything is possible. But I'm just not up to all the mess he would make drinking from glass, because he doesn't drink the milk at one go. He would want to do it while enjoying his favourite show, slouching on the couch and all. So we're just gonna stick to the water tumbler for a while before we move on the next step, the glass!

 Apa-apa pun, bapak dia jugak yang untung. Dapat save tons of money so boleh joli katak! Heeeeeeeee!


  1. dh x minum botol tp still nenen...hehehe

  2. bravo!!!!
    i lum start weaning sapphire off bottle & still dlm proses potty training...
    and i mengaku sebabnya me yg malassssss :)

  3. CT : haha nenen? meaning milk eh? susu tetap kasik coz it's still his main source of calcium. cuma dah kurang :-)

    rasp : haha..biasa lah ibu bekerja takde time sangat nak baut kan. i dah dok rumah tu yang rajin sikiiiiiiiit tu. :-)

  4. wah! bagus tul makan bnyk tp tetap keding :)

  5. i sudah officially tak puas hati tahap gaban ... i wanna save money also like tat!!!! ... ok ok ... i;m on a mission to get my boy off the bottle and off the diapers ... pacifier tak pe cause it doesnt cost money!!!! ... hahahah boleh cam tu =P

    nanti Aban Maiderman ajaq Ayeesshh kaaaaayyy!! ^_^

  6. err.................errr.......not yet wif my baby boy

  7. bapak dia untung, mama dia senyum smpi telinga...dan start rubbing her palms. :)

  8. huhuhu.. gudboy! clap clap...

    Nadhrah since stop bottle, dia dh taknak minum susu. Nak susu coklat n strawberry n milo je.. so we end up buying yg dlm kotak tu for her, sampai skrg..

  9. huda : yeah! i wish i could say the same about me! hehehe

    papakeechee : hahaha. if u manage to get him off bottle and diapers, the pacifier will be a breeze i tell u! hehehe

    apenladylovely : takpa slow and steady. how old is he btw? my boy dah nak masuk 3 next year :-)

    isabelle : hahaha...mama dia tak berapa nak senyum lah pasai takat ni tak dapat 'hasil tuaian' lagik. hmmph! :-p

    farah : wahhhh good job. i was thinking nak bagi yang tu gak, tapi terfikir susu kotak tu tak manis sangat eh? or sama ja kandungan gula cam formula ek?

  10. minum ikut gelas asyik tumpak sokmo



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