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Me having triplets?

Just now I met my friend aka neighbor at the playground. She was telling me about her newly renovated kitchen so tanpa segan silu I invited myself to her house. Ngeh ngeh ngeh. After the 'ohh ahhh 'session at the kitchen was over, we had a chat for while and let the boys make a mess at the hall.

Then just as I was about to leave, she remembered that she left her dinner in the car. So she asked me to stay for a while with the boys while she rushed to the car park at the basement. I was pretty cuak at first, but then thought what the heck. It won't be that long anyway. Bila lagi nak berfeeling-feeling anak tiga kan.

And to my surprise, the triplets three boys behaved themselves under my care. For the whole 5 minutes ,can you believe it???! Wakakakaka.  

Lima minit ja puuuuuuuuuun! Kecoh la lu minah!


  1. cuba kalo anak sendiri. 5jam, 5 hari, 5tahun...erkkk..
    i pun x terbayang berapa kali akan bertukar jadi hulk

  2. isabelle : hahaha! tak sanggup! semua age dekat2 lak tu..boleh depression dibuatnya. haha



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