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Preparing for Raya Haji You Alls?

Are you guys prepared for the upcoming Raya Haji? 

We don't. No new baju, I haven't even plan on what to wear yet. I think I'm just gonna dig out something from the closet 2-3 days prior to the celebration. But now that I've say it out loud, perhaps I can get new tudung to match the outfit I'm going to wear. Soooo, must decide what to wear soon! Hehehe.

Other than that, the big guy took a long long long leave, a week worth of leave during Raya Haji. The initial plan was to go holiday somewhere, but looking at how things are going now, I think we are just going to holiday at home. As usual. Nothing exciting to look forward to except on the raya haji itself when I'm gonna have an eating frenzy with lots and lots of chicken rendang for sure!

So it's just gonna be one long longgggggg holiday that I dread want to get over and done with, quickly!


  1. My title would be "preparing for FINAL EXAM you alls!!" .. hehehe ... pakai je baju apa di depan mata but how I want my make up to look like has been finalized ... yang itu penting tu .... ekekekke

  2. no plans at all.
    raya kat bandar jer...

  3. Jelesnyaa cuti lama..Kami cuti sehari ja..Preparation langsung tadak..As usual, melepak rmh my mom kot..Yesterday my father dah masukkan nama hubby as tukang lapah lembu No 4 & No 10 kat masjid..Hehe..Hopefully dapatlaa tulang rusuk ke ape ke..bleh buat sup! Nyum Nyum..!

  4. papakeechee : hahaha...u cuti one whole week gak kan? :-)

    isabelle : haa cuti kejap eh?

    mama sohayl : wahh sup tulang! nyum nyum!

  5. sy pun xde prepare baju baru pun, apaki je baju raya puasa hari tu..cume sediakan perut je sbb mak sy akan amsak mcm raya puasa hari tu..he he he

  6. me pun no preparation for the aidiladha...
    apa yang ada je pakai...
    tapi after raya ada wedding...
    looking forward for that hehehehe

  7. hanim : hahhh sama lah plan masak seperti raya aidilfitri gak. hehehee

    rasp : wahh wedding siapa tu? :-)

  8. and me dont even balik kampung for this raya. sedih kan? huhu

  9. So, what's on your long list of menu? Nak tiru,aci tak? Hehehe



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