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Santan santan where art thou?

I have never had this problem before, so you can imagine my frustration when I couldn't find any freshly squeezed santan (coconut milk) in any market or store since last weekend. I use santan in my dishes, at least RM2-3 per week, so without it my cooking taste so less tastier than before.

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I thought I was the only one having this problem until I posted about it in my FB account. Then another friend of mine commented that her sister, staying in Penang too, is having a hard time to get fresh santan as well. And it's even worse for her because she has a nasi lemak stall to keep running everyday!

I don't think we are in the midst of santan crisis are we? Perhaps it's because of Thaipusam coming, so all coconuts are being stocked up for that purpose? Somebody help explain to me because I'm going crazy searching high and low for the freshly squeezed santan!!!


  1. masa i dok kat penang dulu pon camtu la...they are indeed stocking up the stocks for thaipusam..the only option u have is to buy the ones in box..hehehe takpon cari kedai malay la..ehehe

  2. cu734ngel : ni kat kedai melayu la cheq...bukan kedai mamak or indians. so terpaksa lah guna santan in kotak. sob sob

  3. lama dah tak guna santan fresh utk masak :p

  4. opt for the healthier fresh milk lorrr...
    or susu cair.

  5. Agree with Isabelle.. I did an experiment once for curry and used fresh milk, yg full cream nye.. sedap dia same je :) Jgn gune low fat la, kang cayaq ke ape ke (don't really know la, never did the experiment yet but this is my guess je la)

  6. uncle i buat biz supply fresh santan kat sini..gile aa memang laku biz ni..hari2 i rase adela 500 biji kelapa die parut n perah (guna mesin la ofkos) siap hire 3 pekerja lagi..kitorg panggil kedai die kilang santan hehe.



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