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Jalan-jalan cari Birthday Present!

For the whole week, both the little guy and I had been cooped up in the house all day long. I was too lazy to bring him down to the park or playground, and I was even too lazy to get out at night though we've made plans for night outing since early this week.

Hence, the little guy was so very excited when we went out last night. It's like he hadn't seen the outside world for one whole year! The big guy brought him to the indoor playground at Jusco while I did some shopping but surprise of all surprises, he got bored with it after a couple of minutes. He was more interested in playing this game at the Jusco toy section, and refused to part with it. Eeee mengada tau! Main kat indoor playground RM2 tak suka, benda mahal-mahal suka sangat!!! Spoil brat sungguh! Hiks.

But of course we didn't buy it for him. We only splurged on cheapo stuff for him this time. But I guess I know what to make others buy him for his 3rd birthday already! Muahahahahaha! *gelak syaiton*

 These were the stuff we got for him, Marvel Superheroes la apa lagi!

But this was what he wanted instead. Tsk tsk tsk. Memilih macam mak dia jugak!

Cartridge saja RM99 each. Tercekik bapak hang tau! So to all aunties, uncles, grandmas and grandpas; take note of this. The little guy momma requested these cartridges for his 3rd birthday. If anyone is keen to sponsor the V Motion Active Learning System pun boleh jugak. Mak tak kisaaaaaaaaah!!!Wakakakaka!

But until your next birthday little guy, please make do with the Sesame Street DVD ok! Heeeee!


  1. hehheheh...untung anak2 zaman skang kan?...
    khadeja also have a waiting list for her coming birthday present (that will be next year la kan...) huh, xlalu ibu dia nak layannnnnnnnnnnnnn...ekekekkee

  2. hadoiii..
    konpem boleh beli tapi guna duit raya irfan...hehehee

  3. sementara diorg x reti lagi demand yg mahal2 ni la nak bagi hadiah biasa2 je.
    tapi tu pun dah pandai mintak tu. mana dia belajaq no? hehe

  4. working mom : wh wah wah ada waiting list! irfan tak pandai lagi la nak buat list...hope he will never!hahaha

    sz mass : aiseh aunty, mama cakap duit raya masuk akaun simpanan! takleh belanja! hehe

    isabelle : tah la belajaq mana tahhhh! hihihihi

  5. wah. sudah pandai pilih.. tapi masih mendengar kata orang tua, tidak mengapa.. haha..

  6. beli jer pakai duit raya dia

  7. peningkan nak cari pressie utk anak2 ni,..last2 beli mainan jer..hehehe..

  8. wahhhh... bestnya apa yg dia request tu.. bijak2 hihi...

  9. hahahah my angels rambang mata kalau masuk toys R us..ehehe kejap pegang ni..kejap pegang tu..semua dia nak pegang and main..eheheh how much does it costs?tak tergerak lak nak beli..i dok gatal tgn nak beli ipad sebab ley install apps yang best2 utk budak2 ni..doakan i menang iphone4 from digi tuh pon bagus jugak..ehehehe tapi compared to vtech ni,makcik angels berdua itu lebih gemar play station..hmm..budak2 sekarang..

  10. ehehhe

    dia berguling tak kat soping komplex kalo x dapat benda yg dia nak? ;)

  11. alaaaaaaaa.........
    sorang je hero.......
    beli jeeee....
    lepas tu.. 3 tahun tak payah beli lagi..

  12. oh kalo game tu aqeel pun nak hehe..
    asal stop tmpt game je mesti puas nk pujuk ajak g tmpt lain pulak

  13. Aqid dah pandai minta PSP.pening kepala mommy+papa dia.....

  14. baby ke mama dia yg demand ni??? Hehehehe....mcm anak Aspen 4 yrs old da ari2 mintak PSP ni? Camne ni???? Nak kena demand jugak ni....hehehehhehe (Bolehla Ibu dia tumpang sekaki)



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