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Our favourite Malaysian breakfast!

We are no classy people.

Dome, Chili's, TGI or Roadhouse Grill are not our second home. Even during the time that we were courting, the big guy had never tried to impress me with fine dining. Most of the time, it'll be either fast food, mamak, or stalls by the roadside. Brainy man he was, because once married, I don't get the urge for fine dining except on occasions. Tu pun tak lah fine takat manaaaaaaaa kan. Your everyday restaurants are fine dining to us.

Anyway, I can't deny the thrill I get to eat by the roadside! I just love the hustle-bustle ambient and most of the time, the food stalls by the roadside are the ones that will make me eat like a pig an elephant. I don't know about you people, but to me most of the gerai-tepi-jalan foods are to die for! Literally. Hehehe.

So on Saturday before we took off to Pekan Rabu with the in-laws, we had our favorite Malaysia breakfast at my favorite Malay stalls in Bukit Ayun. The food, though they have varieties, are just so and so . But the ambient keeps calling to me and makes me wanna go there again and again, again and again!

See, whenever we eat at this place, I would suddenly develop a hugeeeeeeeeee appetite and transfer all the food on the seller's table into our table! Hahaha. Tamak sungguh!

But I can't be blamed for that. Even the little guy had sooo much appetite to eat a hearty breakfast that morning. Just look at him stuffing his face with food!

Ohhh Mister Googly Bear, when will you bring me to have a hearty breakfast like that again?!?!? Nom nom nom!

What about you guys? What's your favorite Malaysia breakfast?


  1. errrrrmmmm manyaaakkk sume sukaaa...hehehe

  2. Huuu...kat Shah Alam susah nk cari gerai tepi jalan yg sedap! Kalau balik kampung haruslah kan? Tapi, our fav breakfast (& supper)spot is got to be KEDAI MAMAK!!!Tersangat banyak kat Shah Alam. Melimpah-ruah. Pilih je nk makan kat mana, pukul brapa! Hehehe...

  3. gerai tepi jalan gak terbaik!!!

  4. Drama mama.
    i saw u that day masa u breakfast. malu nak tegur because i was so selebet, we are on our way to PISA. next time if jumpa i will tegur u :)

  5. makan kat tempat gini la yang sedap sbnrnya.. lelebih lagi kalau cendol n rojak..

  6. kalau nak makan breakfast kat tepi jalan kena bangun awal,but i need my beauty sleep.ngeh ngeh ngeh....

    maybe minum petang is the the ideal time for me....hihi

  7. sz mass : kan kan kannnn!

    mama sohayl : mamak pun ok gak ;-)

    farah : kaaaaaaaaan!

    anon : ohhh...alaaa awat tak tegur! i pun selebet jaaaa. siap dok jerit2 ngn budak kecik tu. hahaha..btw, hope to c u around ;-)

    lady : ha'ah cendol! yummy!

    syidagorjes : true! sebab tu i pun jarang2 dapat makan. tapi kalau tak b/fast tepi jalan, kitorang lunch tepi jalan plak. hahaha

  8. fav place untuk breakfast adalah kat flat hamna.. nasi lemak ceduk pakcik tu sangat sodap... hahaha.. mesti mau lauk telur goreng mata dgn daging masak hitam... nyummyyyy...

  9. gulp.

    kitorg xpektis bekfas. gulp. hilang khasiat pagi sungguh! hahahaha..

    kitorg selalu bekfas in bed. after sami susu. i sediakan flakes. patu i smbung tido hahahhahaa



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