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Karma bites!

The big guy has been telling me over and over again that what you don't want others to do unto you, you must not do unto others. Whenever I get mischievous and have wicked  plans to hatch, he will keeps on reminding me that "What goes around comes around".

Today, I get the taste of my own karma.

The little guy and I was sort of fighting over the yummy keropok ikan that I just fried a while ago. We both tried to get our hands on it first, and amidst the struggle, I tumbled over some cushions and fell on my knees. I went "Ouch!!! Sakitnyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!" while giving him a killer stare. He then nonchalantly replied "Alah, tak sakit lah. Nada nada! (Ngada-ngada!). Just like what I always said to him when he mengadu to me sakit here and there.

Oh My God!!!!!!! I do believe you now, big guy. What goes around, REALLY COMES AROUND!!!


  1. hahahaa..
    mmg best main gaduh2 ngan boboy nih....
    kita main2 slalu dia buat betul2... ;p

  2. hahahhahh
    nada-nada yerrr

  3. kids pick up cepat je kan hehehehe

  4. haahahaha... nada nada... sangat comel ok!

  5. hahaa, comel je. when karma comes to us, rasakan! HOHO

  6. hahahaha... haaaaaaaa.. lenkali kata lagi irfan nada-nada yer mama... kan kena balik... :p

  7. kahkahkahkahkah u ckp dia ngada2 slama nih? hahahha hahahha sori tergelakkn u hahahha hahahhaha hahhahaa hahhahaha



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