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Buat rugi ja belajar tinggi-tinggi?

Even after almost 3 years being a SAHM, I still get questions on my status. The most easiest answer for me would be "Tak dapat keja lah, susah nak cari kat Penang nih". That's the best answer I could give untuk tidak memanjangkan sesi soal jawab. Then will come the cliche reply from the other party "Rugi lah, belajaq tinggi-tinggi tapi tak kerja". Cliche tak cliche tak?!? Hehehe.

On one hand, memang lah rasa rugi especially considering the fact that I could be financially independent. I could buy anything I want, I could spend the salary however I want to if I work. I could contribute to my parents monthly and I could help my siblings if they need financial help. 

But looking at our situation, I believe that if I were to work, we could not be happy. We would not have a happy marriage. A marriage that is free off bitching and complaints, no we can't. have it We would forever be burdened with conflicts, because that was how it has been for the short time that I worked and I'm not the one who can cope with daily pressure like that. I want my life to be calm and peaceful. Hence, the decision to stop job-hunting and stick to being a SAHM.

And I can assure you that whatever education I have, it does  and would not go to waste., because it's been channeled to the right path. Educating my kid(s). While working moms might have the MONEY to spend FOR their kids, I have the TIME to spend WITH my kid. So whatever I can't do, I make it up with something else. And I'm sure all moms are like that with their kids, right? We can't have everything, so we have to make do with what we can.

Anyway, it's always heart warming for me to know that the little guy gets to play and learn with his mother, every single day perhaps not all day long, but at least he knows that his momma will always be around for him. AT ALL TIMES. InsyaAllah.

I'm just so happy to see my little hero growing up in front of my eyes. I get to be there when he's sick, when he's happy, when he's sad and when he needs me. Every. Single. Moments. Of. It.

I heart you  little angel. I want to be with you through it all.


  1. aduhaiii...biarkan je la soklan2 yang langsung tak membina tu DM...
    kalu kita lagi jeles tau kat ibu2 yg dpt dok rumah, jaga keluarga (suami + anak2) ...

  2. takde ruginya menuntut ilmu... honestly, i think if a survey was done, a lot of moms would rather spend time with their kids if they can afford to... we're blessed to be able to do so right dear? ;-)

  3. kak, do u know dat mums like u inspire me so much?

  4. hahahaha sesgt lah cliche..always get that...and so agree with evry single thing u said here...tak rugi pon..tu la..kita guna untuk ajar anak..depa ingat senang ka nak ajar anak2??huish..byk dugaan tuu...and i can see that he is enjoying the O is for Octopus nye site...ehehe fun kan??siap ada stories that we can read along and slowly nanti dia pon pandai baca jugak..:)

  5. u are not just SAHM.u are educated SAHM laaa hehe

    dun worry la babe! just ignore those question.

  6. yeah yeah,

    i might do the same thing if i have my own little guy or gal? who knows..?

    nways, being raised by a fulltime housewife like my mother, was such a blessed. She was there whenever i need her.

    God Blesses to ALL MOMS.

  7. takpe la bai, biar kan si luncai nak cakap long as u and ur family are happy, nothing else matter..kan2? ;)

  8. i wish i could do the same :(
    bila la nak dapat emas 7-8 ketul turun dari langit ni.. hehe

  9. saperlar x sayang anakk..

    tp ader kann.. kanns

  10. biarlah orang ckp apa...It's our life kan..let them be. I wish I had TIME like you to spend with my doter..uhuks..

  11. adoiiiii... tolonglah... aku pun rasa nak benti keje jaga anak jer.. jeles giler kat sahm yg ada di atas muka bumi ni ok? dah aaa anak hari2 duk cakap "no need go worklah mama" hahaha.. tension.. tension..

  12. haahlah Dm..biarjelah mulut2 tu..masing2 punya lah kan..saya kalu berkemampuan nak je duk umah tgk anak sbb byk utang kan nak2 utang blaja tu kene kerja..xpelah duk umah boleh spent masa kat anak2, anak membesar dpn mata...

  13. yatie : ya betul! thanks dear :-)

    hanie : hahahaha...pray hard, insyaAllah one day ada la kot yang turun. hiks

    en me : ada la orang2 tak waras yang dok buang anak kan. huhu

    mila : takpa..u make do with what u can kan. that's good anuff tul tak?

  14. sz mass : iyekan. huhu

    aizura : trueindeed, we are blessed!

    GB : thanks so much dear!

    cru437ngel : ya dia sangat suka wesite tu! everyday nak main! hiks

    farah : thanks babe!

    maszuber : kan...i was raised by working mom yet i turned out ok jugak. i think it don't matter whether ur working mom or SAHM, asal u pandai bahagi masa utnuk anak it'll work fine insyaAllah

  15. mama sohayl : kan kan

    mamaeesya : takpa...cakap kat eesya mama dia cari duit untuk beli toys!!!nanti boleh panggil kawan2 ramai2 lagi datang umah main sesama kan. sure dia suka. hehehe

    imma : hahaha cute! irfan pun kalau mak dia nangis camtu gak la..cian. then tanya sakit kat mana tolong sapu, then paling best dia nanti cakap "mama don't cry, it's nothing! takdak apa!" hahaha

  16. i would say - tak rugi.. never rugi kalau belajar tinggi mana pun tapi tka guna.. nope at all.. belajar dan cari ilmu tu tuntutan dalam agama. byk sebab dia kenapa kita kena belajar. kerja bukannya tuntutan, malah dalam islam.. wanita lagi afdal duduk di rumah jaga anak dengan tangan sendiri. lagipun tuntutan menuntut ilmu tak de kene mengena ngan dpt keje..
    orang mmg akan ckp, dan tak kan berenti cakap... but you yourself tau semuanya better for you kan?keep the faith! hangin there!

  17. Hehehe.. Insyallah, next year i'll join the club. Me too like you, want my life to be calm and peaceful. Cant stand office environment.. :) nak berkhidmat untuk keluaga pulak.

  18. well, who knows kan...
    dulu masa kita bljr pun kita x terfikir the fun of being a SAHM.
    so, org yg x merasa lagi ..jgn ckp byk la

  19. Totally agree with u... in the same boat... mmg rasa rugi xkeja psl xdpt pegang duit sendiri and mmg penat nak jawab soalan2 org but I think the kids need us more than that.. mmmm...

  20. membuatkn aku nk jd SAHM nih :P:P:P rasa berat ati ja nk hantaq si kecik kt nursery :(

  21. DM tau tak betapa bertuahnya DM??? Sgt2 bertuah...Only God knows how I badly want to stay @ home wif my kids



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