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My little superhero saves the world? I think NOT!!!

The converstaion took place in bed at 7.00am this morning, after the big guy has gone to work.

DM (Drama Mama): Irfan, semalam kaaaan, mama was walking down the street. Then I saw the bad guys shooting people, ada robot, ada monster, all the bad guys lah.

LG (Little Guy) : *dengar bersungguh-sungguh*

DM : After that kan, I ran back to our house lah since mama takuuut! So I thought of asking your help. Will you shoot the bad guys with your gun? Irfan ada guns in your room kan?

LG : *reluctantly nodded his head*

DM : So can you shoot the bad guys and protect me?

LG : *looking thoughtful for a long, long time* Tapiiiiii kan mama, Irfan sakit ears, Irfan cucuk ngn pountain bike (cotton bud haha!). Daraaahhhh, sakiiit (which btw, the incident happened like 3 weeks back, and what is left now is only the memories, no pain whatsoever). Then Irfan sakit leg (his nail got torn like a couple of weeks back, and it has long healed!!!). Irfan cannot help la.

So with that, my hope is shattered to million pieces. If the aliens are to invade the earth right this minute, my little superhero would not be among the heroes fighting to save the world. What do you think?!? He even refused to fight for his own mother!!


  1. many excuses eh! You little guy....cium kang

  2. hahaahaha... mmg pandai buat alasan... sama mcm eesya jugak... diorang nih dah sampai ke fasa mereka alasan kot.. :p

  3. cute la irfan ni.

  4. kih kih..maybe next time u can create an actual incident that 'really' shows damsel in distress.

  5. baikkkkkk punya alasan dia bagi...macam2 plak tu..dia takut kot DM tu dia xboleh nk tlg tu...he he he

  6. Kalau Boboy kann..mintak tolong nanti dia kata apa tau.."Syiannnn kat mummy..mummy sakitt...mummy nanyisss..." tapi tak gerak2 pon nak menolong..wuakakakkaaa...duk kesian situ ja laa...

  7. hahaha hahahah kelakar la irfan ni!!!

  8. baguslah tewww.. berpk sblom bercakap.. kannns

  9. ekekeke ... hmmm nak suruh dia save big mommy dia plak ... kot kot dia nak!! ngeh ngeh ngeh ^_^

  10. hahahaha. byk pulak alasan dia.
    bila hang nak protect mama ni, irfan?

  11. waahahahah.. lawak giler.. banyak betul excuse irfan...



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