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Memang takdak rezeki kami lah tuh!

Last night, we went to the nearby Pasar Malam as I was too lazy to cook anything for dinner. Along the way, there were toys being displayed for sale, the cheap cheap pasar malam toys lah. U know the kind. There were these cats that will meow and walk when you  turn on the switch and the little guy was mesmerized by it. I encouraged him to touch the cat at one of the stall but he refused at first, as he was scared of it. Memang sah anak mak! Semua pun takut! Ngeh ngeh ngeh.Then as we walked farther to buy food, he suddenly told me that he wanted to touch the cat, so I was only too happy to let him do it once we were done with food shopping!

Something like this, tapi cat lah.

From the moment we stopped at the very first stall to look at the cat, the big guy was already making irritated face at us. So when we made a detour after the food shopping, he walked ahead to go look at something else, I think. Then as  we stopped at the toys stall, the little guy managed to overcome his fear and finally took the cat into his arm. I almost jumped up and down with joy!!!! Because he is such a scaredy cat, so I am always too happy when he managed to overcome his fear in one thing or another. 

So I told the brader that I want one of those and I can see he was happy too that dalam ramai-ramai pengunjung pasar malam who stopped at his stall to look at the toys, ada jugak yang nak beli finally. The little guy toksah kata lah, excited kemain lagik! So I took out money from my wristlet and the money was about to change hand when suddenly I saw a pair of hand snatching the little guy's hands!! Not a second after, I heard a stern warning "NO! Don't buy it!" from behind me. The big guy appeared out of nowhere and he consistently forbade me to buy the toy cat, much to our disappointment! When I said OUR, I don't mean just me and the little guy, BUT the brader as well. Ya lah, he almost managed to make a sale that night, and tetiba rezeki ditarik semula.

Kesiaaaan sangat tau brader tu!! To the brader pasar malam, if you're reading this, I'm soooo sorry about that incident. It's ok, next time if I go to the pasar malam with my mother, I will definitely buy it from you. You know the joke  is true "Grandmothers would pay ridiculous amount of money on stuff for their grandchild". Heeeeeeeee!!!


  1. mesti lil guy macam terpinga-pinga je time tu kan?

  2. haahlah kesian brader pasar malam tu..yg ayat last tu mmg sangat betul..cthnya mak sy ngan cucu2 nya..

  3. harap2 en.amin x baca entry ni until the next pasar malam. kekeke.

  4. kalau dah bukan rezeki, yg kat dlm mulut pun boleh kuar balik kan??..

  5. hehehe... meh sini la main2 dengan anak2 bulu i.. :D

  6. but y???why did the big guy came snatching away the fun moment???adoiyai...i pulak rase sedih and disappointed

  7. alaaaa ... kesian dia!!!! Next time can play with arees punya TIGER kay ... think the tiger would be one petting him plak ... heheheh

  8. GB : ha'ah la bukan rezeki dia. huhu

    syida : tak terpinga...dia melalak melolong nak touch cat. wakkakaka

    hanim : kaaaaaaaannnn! grandmas memang gitu. hiks

    isabelle : baga kalau lagi bagus ngeh ngeh

    azmiemas : ermmm betul tu apa yang kak cakap. insaf terus! huhu

    lady : haa kalau cat betoi tu i rasa sure dia lari bertempiaran. hahaha

    cu734ngel : tahhh la...he camtu la. tak suka beli apa2 pon. semua membazir katanya. tsk tsk tsk

    papakeechee : i can't gurantee he would be brave enuff to even say hi to the tiger from afar! hahaha

  9. hehehe hubby pon..but when it comes to things that dia pon ley main, than he is all out and determine to buy..hehehe but now dah better sikit his side yang kedekut tu..and he tends to splurge a lil when the angels bribes him with hugs and kisses..eheheheheh



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