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Raya raya raya!

Everyone's been posting at least 1 part of raya pics, but I'm yet to round up the mood to upload those piccas. 

Truth be told, we don't have very nice piccas of us as always, the best excuse would be we were too busy living the moments and always forget to snap when it matters. Haha! Anyway. This year's raya is among the best and most happening raya for me, as ALL of us siblings managed to get together at the same time, which is a rare occurrence since some of us got married.

So since we managed to round up all of us with our littlest additions to the family, we were just too happy to organize activities to be done. Thanks to my big sister for making it happen anyway, she's the master mind of it all! It would not have been realized without you kakak! Psssttt... Kena kipas kuat sikit bagi Corelle sampai cepat! Muahahahhaa!

1st day of raya, as usual for me, morning would be spent at PIL's, then back to my parent's for lunch and again to PIL's before we went back home. Tiring indeed! 

The three stooges! You babes roxx!

2nd day, I was down with bad bad flu so I just slept it off  at my parent's most of the time amidst the raya visits from relatives.

Gramps, daddies and their babies
Mami Js wanna-be. Hehe.

3rd day, my lil bro got engaged.

4th day, we had a nice family beach outing at Feringghi.  Not all siblings were there and my mom excused herself as she was too tired after all those hectic raya and engagement events, but that didn't stop us from having fun! Of course, we had all these little tykes with their antics, enjoying themselves at the beach to keep us occupied.

 As my sister put it, GORGEOUS MOMS with a capital G. Heeee!

Spiderboy and spiderboy wanna-be, checking out those tiny fishes caught by the big guy!

 We're supposed to build sand castle, not grin at the camera, guys!

 A fun boat ride!

Ok I'm done uploading my raya pics!!! What about you guys?


  1. best nyer picnic!! where was this and how come got boat one? hahaha ... ayat tak puas hati tu =P

  2. mcm2 ada yg terjadi yer masa raya DM ari tu...smeua yg ebst2..siap naik bot lagi,,raya ke 4 pun sy p batu feringgi..agaknya kalu kami berkelah mcm DM pun mesti jumpe kot..he he he

  3. Wahh.. sy tgk the pics pun sy leh grin.. infectious!



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