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Lelaki dan Perempuan

I'm a big fan of as I use it to check whether my boy's progress tally with the common development milestone of boy's his age. This time, I got attracted by this article; Raising Boys and Girls : Differences in Physical Development.

It is said that boys' gross motor skills (running, jumping, balancing) tend to develop slightly faster, while girls' fine motor skills (holding a pencil, writing) improve first. Often girls show an interest in art (painting, coloring, crafts) before boys for this reason. OH BUT MY BOY IS SOOOO INTO WRITING, COLORING AND CRAFTS TOO, aside from running, jumping etc. Abeh satu rumah penuh art and craft dia. Tsk tsk tsk.

Boys are also more physically aggressive and impulsive, as revealed by studies of their brains. The pleasure center of the brain actually lights up more for boys when they take risks. That's not to say that girls aren't active and risk-taking, only that on average boys are more so. Oh yes, the little guy is just too aggressive, it's like AGGRESSIVE is his middle name! But he's not a risk-taker that's for sure. It'll take him forever to try something new that he's unsure of.

More boys than girls are late talkers, and boys use more limited vocabularies. Girls are better at reading nonverbal signs, like tone of voice and expression, which also makes them better communicators early on, as they can connect feelings and words faster. Well, what can I say. That's why we love to nag! Because we've had good practice earlier in life compared to them boys! Hahaha!

So mommies with a pair of kids out there, what say you about these facts? Is there evident differences in the development milestones between your boy and girl?


  1. betul! sangatttt kontrasss 2 orang kakak n si abang...

  2. yg part running jumping tetiba coloring tu kan irfan samaaaaa dgn sami! hahahhaa patu dia aggresive and rick taker gak tau! huishh paling xtahan mulutttt.. papi ckp 'wahh sami mcm mami la, byk cakap' zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  3. errr..errrr....mungkin. tapi ini berdasarkan observation masa adik2 girl n boy fid kecik2 dulu la..

  4. well Arees is sangat the boy la ... he so doesnt like arts and crafts and destroys everything in sight. He is more into dismembering things and trying to put them together now. But then he suka gardening la, loves the outdoor, feeding all those insects and playing with them too.Being aggressive and impulsive well that you should know better la ... when both of them meet, habis la kita!!! hahaha ... And Arees definitely started talking later then suppose to but now i can see such a dramatic improvement ... so lega sikit ^_^

    btw thanks for the info ... since i malas wanna get myself updated at babycenter lately =P

  5. belum dpt nk beza lagi sbb gegirl sy masih kecik..

  6. sz mass : iye? orang cakap jaga girls easier, betoi ka? hehe

    ely : hahahahha sama lah budak dorang nih! kalau jumpa pening! haha

    GB : hmmm...i think i was as bad as my brothers kot...sama-sama naik kepala. haha

    papakeechee : hahhh when the two meets, all hell will break loose! hahahaha

    hanim : ha'ah maybe later on u boleh identify the differences kan.

  7. thanks Drama Mama for the site shared :D



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