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Ramadhan with Pizza Hut

This Ramadhan, we only break fast outside once with the big guy's colleague. We couldn't bear the thought of hassling with other people in public space to break fast. But last week, I just couldn't put the thought of McD fast food outta my head. I miss them so! So we decided to break fast at Pizza Hut since McD punya daging konon tak halal plak!

Since gluttony conquered my nafsu that day, we ordered so many things and ended up not finishing them all. But thanks to the little guy's big appetite, the food did not go to waste. A lot of it went into his stomach, processed and then came out as vomit! Yerp, he ate too much that night sampai muntah hokeh!

He started with the mushroom soup and garlic bread which he walloped all by himself, followed by my prawn olio, fish fingers, lots and lots of meatballs, and ended his feast that night with a piece of Pizza. See, sungguh bernafsu dia makan hingga ke crumbs terakhir. Mana tak muntah!

So what about you guys, did you eat out a lot this Ramadhan?


  1. sedapnyer pizza..nsb baik blk msia hr tu smpt makan gak..kalau x, haruslah i nguli piza mlm ni hehe

  2. bawak pi mkn buffet bagus budak nih! huuu~

  3. mmg byklah DM order...pndai irfan mkn tp muntah plak yer..biasalah pose2 ni mmg nafsu dia menggelegak mkn biasa2 jer mcm xbernasu plak bln pose kali nie..

  4. ala kesian dia ... but yeah la sgt semangat menghabiskan makanan ... we usually berbuka at my parents la ... can count with one hand la the number of times we ate out ... sungguh tak sangka ka ... hahaha

  5. fuhh..sakannya dia makan!!!
    i smpi kena scroll balik to verify is it the BIG guy or the LITTLE GUY yg mkn semua tu.

  6. smlm pun i mkn pizza hut.. plusss nasi arab ... hehhehe.... bulan puasa ni, sbnrnya kadang2 tu lagi makan banyak.. tapi kalo boleh, mmg control.. so far, tak pergi lagi buffet ramadhan dengan kuar duit sendiri.. kalo pegi, lagi confirm mkn bnyk hehehe

  7. errrr..macam biasa je kot..tak makan banyak2 pun..ihiks... tp kena byk minum air!

  8. i mmg xmakan bnyk2 masa bulan far ader la 3-4 kali jugak buka posa kat luar...mostly beli n mkn kat umah...weken jer masak...blk keje xsempat... :)
    buffet dah pegi sekali jer...tu pon opis hubby byq kan..:)

  9. aaa bulan pose ni x mkn pizza pun. teringin! huhu



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