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Cooking Frenzy!

Since my biras posted about the food that she's been cooking this Ramadhan, suddenly I felt the urge to do the same so that I could get rid of the pictures from my phone. So here goes, in caca-marba order!

Same old dishes, ayam ayam ayam!

Trying out new way of making fried chicken. I think it tasted quite good, marinated with the usual garam kunyit, plus a bit of rempah kari Babas + Rempah Briyani. But then, it wasn't such a hit with the big guy, he still prefers the same old Ayam Goreng Rempah.

My mom's mean custard jelly, as Papakeechee put it! One of the little guy's fave deserts.

When there's so many leftover food, what to do with them? I chopped  the leftover chicken and boiled some potatoes to make filling for these fried sandwiches. It's a bit too oily though, any suggestions on how to fry them without retaining oil so much?

Lastly, my kuih sagu lembik which turned out edible after all. My mum even suggested I make some for raya nanti. Wahahaha!

I'm a cooking machine!!! What about you? Hehe.


  1. i am not yet a cooking machine. wuwuwu~

    sandwich inti ayam, pergh, my faveret!

  2. the custard jelly tu look oh-so-yummy!
    yg lain pun mmg nmpk sedap...

  3. i sempat masak 1 lauk je everyday..sbb ada masa 30-40mnt je bila blkdr kampus utk cooking. jdnya , malu l nak tepek gambar2 juadah yg dah di masak kat blog ekekeke

  4. dear...before you nak buh inti kat dlm roti kasik lenyek itu roti la...kasik dia padat then br buh roti, celup telur and goreng...
    tos ngan tisu after that...kurang skit minyak sbb roti dah padat...:)

  5. i suka kuih sagu lembik :)
    eh leftover chicken tu normally i slice kecik n taruk salad tomato bagai n letak la sikit chili sauce n mayo ke n jst eat mcm chicken sandwich suka fry sbb too oliy :)

  6. adehh penat type..sudah hilanglaa.
    ok what i wanted to tell is i love kuih sagu lembik :) and leftover chicken tu usually i slice kecik2 n mkn ngan salad, tomato bagai n taruk chilli sauce n mayo je..jd mcm chick sancwich suka fry

  7. sedapnya ayam goreng tu DM..dahlah fav sy ayam goreng nie..lapor!!!

  8. wow!!u r a super cooking machine..those look so yummy!!

  9. sedapnya ayam tuuuuuuuuuuuuu... rajinnya u masak.. i kat nak hujung puasa ni maleh lak hehehe.. sagu tu bila dah sejuk dia makin firm, ok kan?

  10. akak, fid ada buat entry pasal akak pulak harini. silakan jenguk.

  11. Leftover ayam berempah slalu I chop dulu, perangat & makan gitu je dengan tortilla + cili sos. Itu pun dah heaven sgt dah..Huhuhu... U pandai buat kuih..I apa kuih pun taktau..cucoq & buah melaka bulehlaa.. ;p

  12. and now i;m hungry!!!! huwarghhhhhhh!!! ... bawak sagu for tomorrow la ... it;s my fav actually ... ONE OF MY FAV ... heheheh ^_^

  13. Salam.
    That food looks yummy. My mouth get watering seeing the pictures. Hehehehe....

  14. bulan posa macam2 teringin so rajin skit la masak segala jenis nasi and dishes yang kalau hari biasa agak complex :)



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