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Memang dasar jantan mata keranjang!

I remember I used to work at this one place last time. I did not have a good relationship with my boss. He was the type who would yell at you in front of people in one sentence, and would praise you about your achievement in the other sentence.

As I am the sentapzZz kind of woman, I found it extremely hard to keep up with him. Anyway, that was among one of the major factor why I could not work with him at that time. But there was another incident that happened, which made it awkward for us to work together.

One day, we were working on the same desktop at the computer lab. Everything was just fine until at one point, he accidentally opened a private email which I believed, contained one of his top secret! It was from a lady in the office, a clerk. I had a glimpse of it without meaning to, and when we both realized that he had opened the TOP SECRET email, he quickly shut if off and things got pretty awkward after that.

The email from the lady read something like this :


I baru saja turun dari bilik you ni bla bla bla kasik makan ikan-ikan you bla bla bla bla bla yada yada yada"

I was pretty shocked at first, but then when I thought it over, I guess it was pretty obvious from the small, small things that happened between them. I don't know if my interpretation was right or wrong, but it sure as hell looked like they were (maybe still are) indeed having an affair. Or perhaps she was his second wife or whatever but they were sure as hell trying to keep it a secret from me and people around them.

What I don't understand is, why on earth would he wanna have an affair with her when he already had an extremely beauuuuuuutiful wife. Not to mention educated. Got style. And the list of her good attributes would go on forever, I'm sure. But this lady, the one he's having an affair with was...well...suffice to say that she was nothing compared to the wife. Not only was she OLD, she was also UGLY with a capital U! Sorry but that's the truth. SANGAT SANGAT TAK CANTIK OK! Aside from that, her face was forever caked with  4 inches of makeup that she looked like she was trying so hard to get laid. If you know the two of them, you are sure to scratch you head figuring out WHAT THE HECK IS HE DOING WITH THIS OLD GOAT??!?!?!?


My point is "Why would men have an affair with ugly women behind their wives' back?". What's the satisfaction anyway?

Oh if you're wondering what happened to me after that, I worked for a while longer with the boss before decided to call it QUIT! Things got pretty much awkward after that with both of them so I would say that it was a good riddance!


  1. isk isk memang sungguh i tak faham.. apa perlunya lagi another relationship kan.. dah kantoi buat malu jer.. pastu nak bersayang2 la pulak puhhleasee.. hehehe...

  2. oh my....these things happen u know makes us paranoid.i mean me...huh!

  3. hahahaa kelakar btul u panggil pompuan tu kambing tua..mesti perangai dan muke hodoh bebenor tu..

    tula i pon x paham apela jantan macam tu carik ek..tak puas gamaknye.

  4. maybe the boss n his wife lack of communication,perhaps? and perempuan2 yang species ugly old goat ni haruslah kan set2 menggedik,kuat melayannn if tak ada ka laki nak pandang!? menyampah okay. some guys memang tak reti nak appreciate yang depan mata! huhu. emo pulak.

  5. lady : men! tak reti nak kawal nafsu camtu la jadinya!

    senioritasara : i pun sama lah. jadi paranoid tak tentu hala sampai laki i nak tengok video clip wonder girls pun i boleh kasik jelingan maut! hahahahha

    farah : tu lah. dari luaran i tengok bini dia almost perfect lah. and dia memang educated, cantik coz mix malaysian and b********. serba cukup lah. dunno what else he wanted?

    zoe anna : haaa gedik! nyampah i!

  6. eee tumpang gerammmm...
    sakit hati...
    spesis 2-2 takleh pikir secara waras..

  7. kdg2 pelik napelah nk ada affair sedangkan bini kat uamh tu cantik n jaga makan minumnya..Kdg2 org laki ni xpuas kot ngan satu..konon2 hebat kalu psg lagi satu..

  8. agak nyer lelaki ni memang suka jadi romeo. konon ramai nak ler kot... aida da resign dari 1 company 7 months ago. hi hi bos besar dgn bos kecik rupa nyer ada affair! bini bos besar tu educated, cantik & baik giler. bos kecik tu pompuan yg bossy, cerewet and toye je muka dia. after 2 years working there baru aida tahu, sebab terserempak kat trafik lights, kereta sebelah-sebelah, they were kissing!!!! OMG! lucky me diorang tak nampak me kat sebelah...

  9. hmmmm maybe kena jampi kot!!! ... it has happened before ok and to my fren some more ... she sgt cantik and baik and educated and the list goes on .... the husband was having an affair dgn orang who looks like she has been working in an estate since she was born ... rumor has it that the "estate-looking-girl" cooked something for this guy and he also dgn mangkuknya makan and after that was totally head over heels with her ... kesian tau my fren ... sampai dah cerai already now ...

    it's scary that ppl would go to that extend just to get what they want ... without fearing to break up a marriage ... down right shameful!!!

  10. mungkin "old goat" itu pandai ambil hati,mendengar segala keluhan dan perasaan lelaki tu,mungkin "old goat" lebih memahami dia.mungkin isteri yang cantik educated tu di rumah asek bercakap kasar dengan suaminya,suka merendah-rendahkan martabat suami,diluar cantik dirumah selekeh?

    there is always 2 side of stories if u ask me.

    we dont walk in their shoes,we always judge them first.

    TAPI salah tetap salah,dengan apa pun alasan.

    just my 2 cent je :)

  11. sz mass :menyampah kan! patut kena shunt aside frm the society manusia gini!

    hanim : tah!takleh put 100% trust in them. huhu. nanti jaddi kes macam ni.

    adianiez :OMG!!! seriously?!? mesti u tekejut gila kan. apaka bodo takdak akai kissing in the car? stupid!

    papakeechee :seriously?!? cerita to me nanti bila i online ym k!

    anasfadilah : true indeed. tapi i hate it lah bila men give reasons camtu why nak buat affair belakang bini. if ada prob then talk it out. tapi like i said perangai si boss ni pun cam HAREM (selalu MAKI HAMUN i depan public k!) so tak heran la he would stoop as low as that. kalau perangai dia elok alim mulia, lain cerita lah kan. but then again kalau alim mulia confirm tak affair kan. kahwin ja terus. that's from my point of view lah.

  12. bagi i senang aje.

    1. laki tu gatai xpuas enjoy time muda mudi
    2. bini santek pandai tapi kat umah tak pandai jaga laki
    3. clerk tu buruk huduh tapi mulut manis servis baik
    4. bini baik, boss kuat seranah tu pon baik tp kena jampi
    5. bini baik tp dia nak carik kawan masuk neraka la tuu..

    kesimpulannye xdek yg baik lah kt kambing tua tu

    i byk cite psl love affair, nnti i nk buat la kt blog.. nih cite yg xbleh tahan punye .. mmg tak main2 punye sume masuk categori 18sx. dari macai potong rumput smpai la yg dlm parlimen.. haha kalu jual bleh kaya i.. nk curik idea love affair u.. tp tunggu2 la esok2..

    p/s - mintak simpang la i kena cmtu, harap2 xdek sapa la yg sudi kt papi tuh..



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