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When Shit Happens

Since we have done our shopping wayyyy before Ramadhan, we don't have much to shop for Raya. So yesterday when my mum wanted me to be her personal shopper, I was more than happy! As long as I get to shop, it doesn't matter who it is for! Haha. Kemaruk sangat kannn!

So I went to Tesco to get some cushion covers to match her brand new couch. It was on sale so it was real cheap. I already got ours last week so thought that I would get the similar items in a different colors for my mum. So I had to dig my way through the mountains of cushion covers to find the one I wanted. You know, cheap stuff are like piping hot banana fritters, they don't stay put in their designated basket for long!

After hunting through piles and piles of cloths, I managed to find the ones I wanted, but one of them was without label. And it was the only one left of that color and size, so I had to tear off a label from another similar items in a different color and stick it on the one I wanted. Wicked kan!

Then I went to queue and boy! The line was soooo long that I think I queued for almost half an hour before it was my turn to pay. And after all that effort, can you guess what happened during pay time? I was told that my money wasn't acceptable because it was torn at the corner! WTF?! Don't tell me I just went through a head splitting scavenging and queuing for NOTHING?!?!?

Yerp! They told me it's totally unacceptable. And I totally didn't have any other notes in my wallet at that time. And the big guy was waiting in the car with the little guy, so there's no way he could come to my rescue at that moment. Mak oh mak, awat mak bagi duit koyak?!?!?!?

So, with face flushed, I left the building empty handed. Once I got into the car, I blurted out the whole incident to the big guy, hoping for some sympathized gesture from him. But all he said when I was done with the storytelling was "Shit happens you know".

What?!? I was so damn annoyed and all he could say was "SHIT HAPPENS?". Arghhhhh! I NEED TO STRANGLE SOMEONE PLEASE!


  1. hahaha!!!! shit really happens! hahaha!!!

  2. Indeed i don't mind long as i can get out and shops.

    But come out empty handed after so long que..u really gotta to kill someone there!

  3. rejeki takdok lar teww.. kowserr

  4. adoi.. untuk masa2 seperti ni i selalunya hulur bankcard ( not credit cards ya.. no!).lagipun memang i selalu tak carry banyak notes.

  5. haha sabor kak ., posa :D .. but i could understand.. apa la tesco.. koyak sket pun kira ka?

  6. hahaha kalau i pon panassssss! takpela anggap takde rezeki..tapi time2 raya ni memang nak bayar tu beratur panjang gile la

  7. hahhaa...mula2 nak kesian, but the blunt answer from amin really tickled my funnybones. hehe.sori ekk

  8. kesian nya dah beratur pjg2 tp xdpt pun brg tu..xpleah xde rezeki n dugaan...

  9. Adusss....!!!!
    I have no words to say.. tsk tsk tsk..

  10. ya ampun mesti tnsen kan.. dah beratur panjang tetiba tak leh bayar isk

  11. ok i xtau nak marah ke nak gelak.. i dh feel gile nk bengkek2 pastu amin nye komen mmg superb hahaha.. tp apsal u xkol amin suh dtg? if i dh hassle dok beratur panjang lama nk mampos mmg aku conquer la counter tuh..

  12. hahaha...!!
    cekik je... dia...
    sikit2 lah tapi...

  13. hanim : dugaaaaaaaannnnnn!

    imma : kannnn!

    lady : sangat! huhu

    ely : kannnn! time tu dah blur, apa pun tak ingat! but my mum ex officer kat Bank Negara tau, lepas tu i called her dia cakap boleh ja pakai duit tuh! diorang ja mengada!

    dr singa : ingat nak cekik gak, tapi sabarrrrrrrrrr! ngeh ngeh

  14. fidde : ceh gelak plak dia!

    mommy ct : kan kan kan! gotta strangle someone haha

    en. me: iye takdak rezeki untuk mak saya :-D

    sz mass : panassssssss!

    hani che lat: laaaa...lupa! time tu apa pon tak ingat!

    zoora : haaa tah diorang nih! bukan potong serial number ka hapa!

    farah : sangat panjang! penat nak beratur

    isabelle : haha dia tu memang tau! bikin hangat hati. ngeh ngeh

  15. OMG betul last weekend i went to Tesco and the queue was soooooooooo long i waited for only 5minutes then i got fedup because ada la jugak species2 yang tolong jagakan line untuk mak nenek segala kaum kerabat depa sampai orang2 dekat belakang kena tunggu like, FOREVER untuk sampai turn. some people could really be very selfish! and pity u sometimes i wonder, cashier tu boleh ja ambil duit koyak tu then bagi balik dekat next customer...kan?! tapi sajalah tuhan nak uji. huhuhu

  16. tat is why i NEVER enter Tesco during the weekend ... adoi pening kay ... and I wanna complete the statement tu ... "SHIT HAPPENS and then WE DIE!!" ... hahaha used to be on of my frens slogan which I keep at heart SOMETIMES! ^_^



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