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When a man goes fish shopping!

I consider myself lucky to have a husband who can do marketing. As in going to the wet market buying chicken, fishes and vegetables for me to cook.

At times, I would still be sleeping with the little guy when the big guy would rise early morning to do marketing. Heaven! Anyway, last weekend, he informed me the night before that he wanted to go to the Gelugor market because it's been such a long time since we had breakfast there. Being me who loveeeeeeesssssss eating so much, of course I agreed instantly!

Our trip to the market this time was full of adventure. At least for me it was. As my mom pesan some stuff to get from the market too, we decided to buy things separately. He bought for our home and I buy for my  mom's. So while we were at the chicken vendor, we acted like strangers buying our own sets of chicken while pretending not to know one another. Hahaha! I thought that was real cute and sexyyyy!

And then, when we went our own separate ways after that, I had much trouble finding my way as I wasn't wearing my contact due to eye allergy. I tell you, I am practically blind without my contact! So when I was done getting the stuff for my mom, I wasted no time in finding the big guy and stick by his side at all time. 

Then an embarrassing incident happened when we went to buy ikan cencaru. Fyi, the only fish that I truly recognized and would never mistaken it for another fish even if I'm blind is ikan bawal. So our search for the fish was made worse without my contact, when I suddenly had so much trouble identifying ikan cencaru due to the blurry eye sight. I didn't want to embarrass myself, thus, decided to let the big guy looked for the fish himself while I strayed away  a little bit, window shopping at the next-door fish mongers. Hahaha!

While the big guy was scratching his head trying to decide which was ikan cencaru , I saw this uncle in ketayap pointed his fingers at those fishes and explained something to the big guy while the big guy happily nodded his head. After the uncle walked away, I moved closer and asked the big guy what was that all about. Apparently, he had just gained a useful knowledge that I didn't have. Which is to identify the difference between ikan kembong and ikan cencaru. I have to say, they look awfully alike that without my contact, I almost thought they were the same type of fish! Oh ya! Good thing I could blame it on the contact. Kalau tak, malu ok a housewife tak kenal ikan! Hehehe.

What about you? Can you identify the type of fishes they have in the market?


  1. beb, i kenal ikan cencaru n kerisi je sebab all this while pun my husband yg pi pasar beli ikan...i tau masak n makan je haha :D

  2. hahahaha..cute twist! As for me, ada yang i kenal nama2 ikan dan ada yang i pakai nick name je. Cth: Ikan bulat, ikan jaket, ikan 'biasa masak', ikan merah, ikan buncit (ikan kembung) etc. :D

  3. I know ikan keli and ikan talapia in a heartbeat ok ... the rest i dont care so much cause my mom cooks them most of the time ... saya housewife yang pandai makan ... huhhu ^_^

  4. ahahaa...
    saya pun tak berapa kenal sgt ikan2 ni..
    yg pasti kenal ikan cencaru (sbb ada jaket), ikan selar kuning (sbb ada line kuning), ikan merah (sbb kaler merah :p), errrrr pastu outtt..heheee

  5. err sori i pon xkenal ikan tp i mmg suka mkn ikan hehjehe

  6. sama sgt part 'blind w/o lenses' tu..dgn part xberapa kenal ikan. hehehe fail!!!

  7. saya kena tahu,pasal kerja fisheries,kang naya orang duk kata kalau tak kenai ikan..malu la ceq...hehehehe

  8. For the first 17 years of our marriage, my husband yg did the marketing. Only start this year, barulah I ikut dia gi pasar. But just accompany je, he still does the buying at his own preferred stalls & the bargaining.

    So part ikan, I only know ikan yg I suka je, ie. ikan pari, its so obvious to identify this fish kan - kalau I tak kenal ikan pari ni, memang haruslah I kena tembak! hahaha

  9. zarin : ikan cencaru i thot i knew tapi boleh lak confuse ngn ikan kembong. haha. ikan kerisi? is it the tiny fishes bila goreng jadik kaler golden tu? i love that fish! tapi we call it ikan ubi. hehe

    hider : wahhh bagus sangat you! ikan biasa masak tu ikan apa? funny name hahahhaha

    papakeechee : ikan keli i know too. but ikan talapia? hah memang taktau! salute u lah. hiks

    sz mass : that's not bad k!

    ely : me too!

    isabelle : gimme five! haha

    anasfadilah : haahhh dah work related haruslah kenal kan. tetiap hari mengadap ikan. huhu

    shopaholic mama : hahaha yess! kalau tak kenal ikan pari memang dunno what to say. hiks

  10. ..aahahhaha~..naseb baek xpakai contact..ada gak r sebab kukuh~..ahahahah..

    ..dulu punyalah pening nak bezakan ikan kemb0ng dgn ikan temenung..rupa nak serupa ja..tnya abg yg juai kat psr mlm tue..baek punya dia reply "adek, temenung ngn kemb0ng tue sama r..nama ja len".."xpa r bang, mak sy dah beli ikan nie.."terus blah x paling2..ehehehehe

  11. i kenal banyak jugak jenis ikan, dah biasa sejak kecik sbb my dad rajin gi memancing.. hehe

  12. hehehe.. biasalah tu. sy pun ada juga ikan yang tak kenal. selalu gi pasar pun dengan mak or MIL.. rasanya nak harap hubby lagi takley diharapkan kot.. hehe.



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