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Kisah tailors sempena raya

You know how most tailors refused to take any more order when it's nearing Ramadhan? For the past couple of years, I always had problem with tailor-made outfits for Eid. So this time, I prepared the clothes earlier than previous years. That's like almost 2 months before Ramadhan. But it turned that I was still late and it was so tough finding tailors to sew 2 of my cloths.

One of my favorite tailor agreed to take only 1 cloth, so in the end I went to the tailor where I send  all my cloths when no other tailors would take them. Well, reason being, though the clothes she sew is absolutely stunning, this tailor charge quite high according to our standard. Hence, it's the big guy's least fave tailors of them all! Haha.

I've had bad experience with these 2 tailors last year, when they didn't managed to complete my baju on time. And I had to spend the raya eve chasing after these tailors. So this time I hatched a brilliant plan by telling them I need it by the end of July because I need to send them for beading works!

The 1st tailor did not tell me exactly when my clothes would be ready but she said she would call. I wasn't too worried with that one because I don't plan to send it for beading though I told her otherwise. And as per promised, she ringed me just couple of days back to tell that my baju is all ready. Hip hip Horay!

But now. I wish I could say the same about the 2nd tailor. But this capik lady (she's well-known as Tailor Capik) did not completed my baju on time, as per her promise. We had to go to her shop a couple of times just to get to see her. And had to call her millions of times before I got to know that she still hadn't started on my baju. The big guy almost chopped that lady head's off when we went to her shop the other day. Luckily I was around to hold him back. Hehehe.

Then yesterday as I was talking to future SIL, I got to know that she sent her cloth to the very same tailor. It was supposed to be ready on the same day as mine but it didn't. AND she promised that our clothes would be ready by today, MONDAY! Sigh! Are all tailors like this? Especially during the festive season. They will wait until we come to collect our baju and only then tell us that no, our clothes are not yet really so could you come again some other time? Bollocks!

Now the big guy has blacklisted the capik tailor from my list of tailors. I guess now I have to start finding other tailors that I'm comfortable with, just in case tailor No.1 refuse to take my order in the future.

Menyusahkan lah tailor-tailor nih!


  1. ..ahahah..tailor2!!..naseb baek tiap tahun mak yg jahitkan..tailor terhebat r buat sy..

    ..2 thun lepas, angah gatal2 nk jahitkan baju sy, kot2 ada bakat mcm mak..last2, org p solat sunat raya, sy dok kelim pelan2 baju tue sendiri..cehhh..ahahha

    ..sian tailor capik..hilang 1 costumer~..

  2. ooo siap ada strategi ye..bagus gak tu..blh "tiru" utk next year..ihiks...

  3. i serik nak tempah baju lagi huhu.. now ni beli yang dah siap...kadang tu kan kaiin dah elok, hantar tailor dia buat tak elok la huhu.. tensen i

  4. mmg bese kan kitorg hantar tailor 3-4bln before raya OR my sis ckp nak pakai utk wedding. yg xpaham bila ckp nk g wedding sekian2 xsmpai seminggu siap tp bila nak raya ya allahhhh..

  5. tahun ni turut mengambil risiko pergi hantar 5 pasang baju kat tailor yang haku belum pernah tau best ke tak jahitannya... huwaaaaaaa.. mintak2 laaa selamat semuanya.. uhuk uhuk.. ni semua gara2 pi jalan tar sebulan sebelum posa..

  6. I've sent mine and hubby around april n supposed siap today..begitu pjg sekali queue nya..hopefully dah ready lah...
    I pernah sekali takde baju raya di pagi raya..sedih you..tailor tak sempat siapkan..

  7. I guess i should thank my lucky stars that my mom can sew ... Susah kan wanna find a good tailor ... It's like they know there are not many of them around and no matter what you would still go back to them ... teruk tul!!

  8. yeayy !..i punye bj raya dah siap n dah ambik last week...mmg hantar awal kat tailor ni...xmo antar kat org lain sbb takut xsedap pakai..lg pun dah biasa sejak zaman anak dara dulu...last year xdpt tempah bj raya sbb anta last minit so, tailor xmo amik..thn ni, ambik kooo sekali 4+1 pasang haku anta...hikhikhik

  9. i dah lama x tempah baju. beli siap jer... huhu.
    but less headache lah

  10. nasib baik tailor yg sy nk anta tu mmg sy suh sparekan beberapa pasang..mmg dah biasa buat kat dia tiap xreti nk anta bj awal2 dlm 3 4 bulan sbb sy suka cr kain last minute..he he he

    mgkin tempahan byk tulah ada tailor xnak amik dah..takut tak terbuat nnti..sabar yer

  11. hahahhaa...bab2 tailor time raya ni mmg jd issue.i always lambat.,thank god ada designated tailor yg usually kena bribe baru dia agree..klo xdpt alamatnya pakailah baju apa2 yg ada

  12. lunar wolf : hahaha sempat lagi tu pagi raya eh??!?

    sz mass : sila tiru! haha

    lady : kannnn! my hubby pun dok bising apsal tak beli ready made. huhuhu

    ely : tulah kena tipu baru jadik. tapi i pernah gak tipu nak pakai wedding tapi taakkkkk siap gak! tensen haku!

    are_shie : wah wah! kamikaze tu! hahahaha

  13. tahun ni beli baju siap je, sakit hati dgn sorang tailor baru ni, servis dah la mahal, lamabat siap, bagi tempoh sebulan, tapi nak masuk 2 bulan kata tak siap lagi. paling tak tahan bila cakap kasar2 dgn kita..geramm.. bwk hubby datang skali pi amik baju tu..terketaq-ketaq dia..haha. Aish.. terluah perasaan plak.. tumpang geram daa.hehe.

  14. applecrux : THAT long eh????next year kena start early plak lah! huhu

    papakeechee : haaa next year i send to ur mom lah bole? hahaha

    working mom : haaa rajin you hantar awal eh! kena ikut jejak langkah u la lepas nih. :-)

    isabelle : betul!!!! next year perhaps!

    hanim : a'ah patut kena book awal2 kan. my aunty pun book awal2 ngn Tailor No.1 so hantar kain lambat pun takpa. asal dah book. huhu

    senioritasara : wahhh ada tailor yang boleh bribe plak eh. hahha

  15. huh~ susah tol dpt tailor camtu.. naseb baik la tailor i okay, eventho mahal sikit tp on time la baju i siap.. tak penah lg i kene chase tailor.. i anta i punye bulan 6 tu pon dh lmbat.. takkan lepas raya trus kene pk ape theme color for next year nye raya?? haiiyaa~ melampau btol skrg kan.. sigh~

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