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When he starts asking "And that's it?!?"

The big guy took one look at the cake and asked "THAT'S IT?!?!?". I was like "What do you mean that's it?!?". This is a RM50 cake, this is the cutest I can make them to look like without going over budget. Haish! Considering the fact that I still have to buy a nice box and post them over to KL, I think this is reasonable. I have 20 pieces of diapers, socks, rompers, bib and 4 pieces of lollipops wash clothes included, so ain't that good?

What do you people think? I don't mind komen membina, so do be honest please!


  1. for me, sangat reasonable..dapat barang, kotak, pos lagi..siap nak decorate2 lagi,comel pulak tu...paling penting, uniqueness..complete in one package

    bosan ar bagi hadiah baby hamperr manjang...hehe...bila aku nak dapat anak ni? nak beli untuk diri sendiri pulak...hehehe

  2. kancilbiru : yeay! customer suka saya pun suka hati. hehehe. nanti weekend ni i post k insyaAllah. :-)

  3. For the given budget, its cute laa dear...

  4. big guy slalu nmpk yg bajet lebih besar..byk la bahan2 kek tu kan..ihikss...

  5. apa yang u buat tu memang dah menarik.. tapi kalau tambah bunga2 agak2 lagi cantik tak? bunga yang tak berapa "berat" sangat la, just simple one. I dont know.. just terfikir je.

  6. *rubbing palms*
    hmm...sapa la nak order kat twinkywinky nie for my 2nd arrival ekk? hehe

  7. well I think its nice & simple & the price is very reasonable.

    My niece has a diaper business too & of course, the price here memanglah much higher coz everything is expensive here.

    You may want to checkout her pics in FB. Some memang over the top but that's as requested by her customers.!/profile.php?id=100000664987857&v=photos&sb=0

    if you cant view the pics unless you add her, then try the blog, thou she has more photos in the FB

  8. cute ja!! ... suruh the big guy buat tgk ... hahahah .... ^_^

  9. Wahhh.. chumel!!! Nape tak buat camni for me aritu =p

  10. dgn 50 hinggit dapat mcm2 ke DM?oklah tu sy rase...betul ckp KB tu..unik...

  11. Okla tuh RM50 inclusive postage..
    Nak besaq2 tambah laa $$$ lagi..

  12. Hi D. Mama, its is not the cake or whatever. Be it $200 or $ is always the thought that counts, and the sincerity and love of giving. Nothing more, nothing less.

    The smallest act of kindness is worth more than the grandest intention.
    And to give without remembering, to receive without forgetting.

    You have a nice day and keep a song in your heart, Lee.

  13. OMG you do postage as well, kenapa takkkkkk cakapppppppppp huhuhu. ive been searching for people who could do cake thingy around kedah for ages, but then again ive been going back and forth to penang so it might be better to actually go and pick it up myself la kan. hehe. :P btw, its SANGAT SANGAT SANGAT reasonable! (and im wondering, you charge murah, you dapat untung tak ni!?)

  14. aizura awang : thanks dear!

    sz mass : itulah, banyak songeh plak dia. hiks

    atulhani : ha'ah bunga pun ok gak la kalau budget lebih sikit. if not, rugi ja sebab bunga pun dikira sebagai cost kan. heeeee

    isabelle : haaaaaaaaaaa kasik my contact no to all ur friends yang nak bagi hadiah cepat! hahahaahha

    shopaholic mama : i checked it out d. they're niceeeeeeeee!!!! perhaps can get inspiration from her too. but i cater for mostly low to middle range budget so tak dapat la all those nice branded toys and items kan. ikut budget customer. hehe

    papakeechee : oh yeah! he's complaining why i tak nak buat square diaper cake. nak tengok dia buat dulu jadi ka tak!

    ayu : hahaha...time tu baru2 kan, idea tak berkembang lagik. hehehehe. next time if u order i buat camni :-p

    hanim : well KB is the customer, so as long as she's happy with it, i pun happy. :-)

    mama sohayl : hehehe not inclusive postage dear. postage add another rm10. :-)

    uncle lee : thanks uncle for ur words of wisdom!

    fizamior : thanks dear! :-)

    zoe ana : yesssssssss! contact me if you nak order k dear. can do postage, you can pick it up at my house or we can meet somewhere to pass it. better jumpa kan so can get to know each other too ;-)

  15. pedulik kan amin tu, dia dengki ahhahaha
    i think dia ckp gitu sbb dia xnmpak kot bende2 yg u listkan tu. maybe bleh improve lain cam sock tu u uli jadik cam katak ke or rompers tu buat cam kete bling2 ke baru la nmpak.. tp kena ingat service charge nk meng-uli tu.. rm50 reasonable dah tuu comel sgt dahhh

  16. ely : hahaha...a'ah dia memang dok suh i baut macam2 shape tapi i ja tak pandai nak venture lagi. nanti will try other things pulak. hehe

  17. Most of the guy their taste is diff sket, my hubby included. :)
    This is why we all gaduh teruk for raya shopping a few years back. Benda yang I kata cantik dia kata tak, benda yang dia kata cantik...mmg tak cantik langsung. Tapi bila adik dia pun ikut I, dia surrender.

    Less is more..Cute

  18. i rs cantik.. n berpatutan..! :)
    ps: laki kekdg tak faham sgt price benda2 ni..



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