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Entry nak muntah!

My family knows how very fussy I can be when it comes to toilet and everything that comes with it. There was a time when I could only do my 'big business' at our home toilet and nowhere else. My mom was always so pissed off with me when we went to relative's house because I would be bugging her to go back whenever I needed to 'go'. Hahaha!

I also had this huge hatred towards germs. And I hate so much going to the public toilet because..well, THEY ARE FULL OF GERMS!!! So you can only imagine my horror whenever we go out and the little guy poop big time, and I need to wash him in public washroom!

That's exactly what happened last Sunday when we had Iftar at the UiTM Hotel. We were there for a farewell Iftar for one of the big guy's friend. I was just sitting there enjoying my food when I thought I heard someone complained "Apa bau busuuuukkkk niiiii????". Hahaha! Yerp! The little guy dah buat cake seketoi in his diaper. My wishful thinking to have the big guy wash him up didn't come true, so I HAD TO DO IT IMMEDIATELY lest someone would choke and die due to the toxin spreading in the air!

OMG! I tell you that was the most horrible stinkiest mess I have ever had to handle in public.  Like, seriously! He was having diarrhea so you can imagine the rest.There and then, I just wished that we were having Iftar at the comfort of my aunty's house with the rest of the clan instead of there! The toilet wasn't up to my standard of hotel toilet, and I just had to hold myself from throwing up during the whole process of cleaning him up! I won't tell you more or else I would have to take responsibility for all you vomiting right in front of your pc. It is suffice to say that, I told the little guy that we both needed to be samak-ed the moment we reached home!

That night, I possibly had the longest shower ever in my life. Even after all the scrubbing till my skin became sore, I still felt unclean and thought I needed to disinfect myself with something stronger!


  1. heee..
    kebersihan perlu diutamakan! :)

  2. euwww...
    i pun selalu marah adam kalo dia slamba2 je pgg dinding public toilets.

  3. aiiiyarkkkk... i pun tak suka tandas yang kotor.. sebab tu kalau nak travel i takut sangat dibuatnya i kene cirit bintik ke bukan boleh tahan2 dah hehe

  4. huhu mmg geli! nak2 pulak tade paip air. or kalo ada pun, tapi kat lantai tskkk kotoorr!

  5. tu la masalah toilet kita kan - i kalu kat mall cam jj tu leh tahan lagi kebersihan nya but if on the road kalu nak terbuang besar i memang takkan g petrol station i cuba la bertahan sampai rest area yg ok kalu tak ok tahan lagi smpai umah sampai bontot kematu :)

  6. ewwww!!I have the same problem also la but not that chronic la ... hahaha ...

  7. skrg pun smpai sy siap pesan kalu nk kuar jln2 jgnlah nk break.kalu nk kening tu xpelah lagi..yelah kdg2 toilet kat luar ni kotor. Kalu dia terpaksa jgk pg toilet mmg abah dia yg bwk pg toilet.Bila balik umah konpom saya akan suh dia mandi n basuh semua apa2 yg patut..

  8. ok..dah nak muntah terbelahak ni cos teringat all horror public toilet moment! x_x

  9. sometimes I wonder why those ppl yg pakai toilet tu, why they malas to clean up after that? Jangan cakap public toilet, kat office I pun sama!

    So I always have to put up notices in the toilet like, "Pls treat this toilet as if its yours at home" but I think some of them are just plain blind!

  10. I dulu pun sama. Cukup bersyukur kalau Nazeem pilih Ata dia instead of me.

    Luckily Nazeem dah besar. Memamg ngeri. tapi Nazeem pun satu peel dgn I sekarang. Takkan masuk kalau kotor. Tahan sampai rumah.

  11. wet tissue!!!!!
    tak pernah basuh kat public toilet.yucks!!
    selet je dgn wet tissue...less yuckier...

  12. experience the same thing. worst when my daughter wanted to play with the pipe-hose dalam public toilet tu tak ke gile? meninggal ok! keluar je memang i sapu sanitizer satu badani dengan dia. to be specific: toilet kat petrol kiosk. argh!



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