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Kenapa Blackberry Diharamkan?

I'm sure all Blackberry users will be horrified by the thought of having it barred in country. Lucky me, though I was drooling and drooling over The Storm, the big guy didn't buy it for me becoz I chose The Handbags over it.  Heeee!

Anyway, it is said that if the usage of data through Blackberry's applications i.e BBM, email and web browsing is misused, it could posses a threat to the nations. The Arab has barred the usage of BB because even though they had raised concern regarding it since 2007, but not much has been done since then.

So let's see whether Malaysia will bar BB or it'll continue to be used in our country. Whatever it is, to BB user, just use it wisely!

Pssssstttt...nak angan-angan iPhone 3G pulakkkk lah!


  1. hehe iphone la.. iphone sangat besttttttttt..

  2. I think that’s becoz BB has encrypted or ‘safeguard’ the BB users’ info so that outside party, like the CIA or Government or secret agencies cannot intercept our info or sms messages. Unlike other phones, these info can be intercepted by the outside parties, mainly for security issues. So just in case the terrorists use BB, susah for these parties to gain info or get into the BB system. That’s why Arab, and maybe India and Indonesia want to ban BB, mainly for security reasons!

    Apapun, the latest Blackberry Torch, gerek sey!

  3. lady : haaa iPhone rocks!

    shopaholic mama : ohh camtu ka. i thot it was otherwise. huhuhu. r u a BB user by any chance? :-D

  4. seriously Malaysia nak ban BB? mcm pelik pulak nak ban2 phone.. as if there isn't a greater technology utk overcome what ever the problem is. hmmm Apple sabotaj kot? hehe.. bai, caoi mcm nak upgrade ke iphone4. nak beli his iphone 3gs? baru lagi ok. baru 6 bulan. serious bai, u can blog from ur phone, and macam2 okayyy... tak online kat pc/laptop seminggu pun tak terasa! hehe

  5. yg i dengar data transmission tak leh di detect kononya so takut la kalu ada apa
    hmm i pun tak pernah ada bb tak tau la sempat ke tak heheh

  6. Bai, I am not a BB or Iphone user coz I am not used to qwerty keypad. I ni kan old-timerlah katakan..

    But am in love with the BB Torch! Considering it, now that the ban might take effect on other countries as well, so it might not be worthwhile after all!



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