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Rasa nak mengamuk sangat!

These past couple of days, internet has been just too naughty. If only it is a little boy, it really deserves a big fat spank from me! It frustrates me when I've had so much ideas to blog but no MEANS to do it. The connection will only get better during night time when it's supposed to be the time for me to layan the big guy makan minum bla bla. Haaaaaaaa! I AM SOOOOOOOOO PISSED OFF at you, missus wireless!

To worsen my mood, I can't seem to find people to come install our book racks. Our house has been in this messy state for three freaking weeks and boy! I have to say that this type of messiness is very very extremely hazardous to my mental health! I'm so desperate to have someone to install the racks that I've tried contacting almost everyone I know in my phone list to see if they know someone who can do it. But I'm still waiting in vain. Well, there's a contractor who promised to come and have a look at it tonight, but I won't put my hope up so high just in case he can't make it. 

Bencinya! If only the big guy can do it on his own, I'm sure things will be soooo much easier for us. Don't you just hate the hassle that comes with renovation, no matter how minor it is?!?


  1. sis,
    ur situation sama mcm i!internet sucks hari tu! sakit hati.skang keyboard pulak buat hal! Demmit!

  2. jetsetter : haaa life sucks without the net kan!

    kak ct : ok ok sabarrrrrrrrrr sabaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrr!



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