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Impian ku hampir menjadi kenyataan

My dream to have a mini library at home is almost accomplished. ALMOST! I still think that I don't have enough books for a mini library though. Tapiiiiiiiiii! Dah booked at least half of my dad's books and he sort of..ermmm....gave a verbal wasiat to pass down his books for me.  Yippie! Tak senonoh nak yippie-yippie plak kan. Hehe.

Can anyone guess how many books I have up there in the racks?


  1. heee..kena tambah rak lg tu... ;)

  2. my mini library is collecting dust!! mak and anak are so not bookworms... hahaha ... i'm sure u and my nephew will fully utilize yours kan ... btw I'm guessing a few hundreds of books ???? ^_^

  3. I wish I had that big a book rack

  4. Aduhai susah nak guess nie, mcm teka kacang! Kalau betul dpt kereta ke? He!he!
    So kalau you nak tambah lagi buku2 kat library you nie, jgn lupa check out BookXcess kat amcorp mall tu, murah2 and banyak variety!



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