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Room Make Over Done!

After almost a month, finally we managed to complete refurbishing the study room. It took forever to get someone to come fix the book racks on the wall. I almost gave up and thought we should just return the racks to my parent's house. But then my biras became my savior by giving me the contact number of the contractor currently renovating her parent's house.

So for this room, we're sticking to a minimalist concept. This room gonna be multi-functional as computer/study room plus guest room as well. So we really tried to minimize the furniture we have in here to give ample space for guests to sleep in.

The room used to be so caca-marba with mismatched carpet, curtain and furniture. Slowly we change the look to suit both of our taste. It's not really easy I tell you as the big guy likes everything to be simple and minimal while I loveeeeee decorations and and knick-knacks. So we tolerated by having things I love in a minimal way.

This is how it was before : pretty messy kan!

And here's how it looks like now!

And my fave corner has got to be this! Much to the big guy's annoyance. Hahaha!

I love this room for it's simplicity. It's gotta be my most fave room in the whole house. At least until our next make over. Hehehe!


  1. eh eh,,,,simple n nice!u cat sendiri ke?rajinnyeeee

  2. memang best time makeovers nie kan... dah siap tu, just sit back and view the room... puas hati je rasanya kan??? cantik dan kemas your makeover nie, I like!

  3. adeihh...xsabaq nak deco nilik and rumah sendiri..hukhuks..Lambatnya nak menunggu hujg tahun depan..nanti sekariah laa kita..:-P

  4. senioritasara : the big guy lah cat...he never will entrust me with such duty! hehehe

    eti : tu lah...kejap2 masuk bilik tengok. hahahah

    gee ryder : thanks! :-)

    imma : haaa kena start kumpul duit tu. sure hangpa nak renovate terus kan. :-)

  5. Dang!! the room looks bigger after the make over ... sooooo much bigger!!! Cant wait to see it this weekend ... hopefully =)



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