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WTF is Celcom doing charging me the stupid 3G charges when I did not even use the internet at all since the 'download Messi wallpaper' incident! I'm so freaking pissed because the grumpy man is pissed off looking at the bill. What the Fu*k??? Don't tell me somebody has been using my phone because THERE IS NO ONE HERE IN MY HOUSE BUT THE LITTLE GUY AND HE DOESN'T FREAKING KNOW HOW TO USE THE FREAKING NET ON MY FREAKING PHONE!!!

I'm soooo disappointed with Celcom right now! I want to switch to the other side!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



They said it's because I have been turning ON the 3G service on my phone even though I did not subscribe it. Oh Great!! Last time, some fu**king moron from there told me to ON THE 3G service in order for me to be able to MAKE VIDEO CALL! But when I asked this moron lady, she told me a conflicting tale about it! So which one of you is stupider than the other???? Most importantly, which one of you moron is willing to PAY MY BILL?!?!?

Btw, when I asked her how to turned off the 3G service, she told me to call the tech people and when I asked her to TRANSFER me instead, she told me they're all occupied. I told her I would wait, but SHE HUNG UP ON ME PEOPLE! Hung up on me!!!



  1. I think Celcom had issues with their customer service. I was once celcom customer but no more because I just cannot contact their customer service for the service that I wanted. As you said, they will ask you to call certain number and what you will always hear is that the people in charge is always occupied.

  2. Cadangan ayat utk mengamuk.. ~advise yg agak keji di bulan2 posa :-D ~
    Call their cust center..kata I WANT TO SPEAK TO YOUR MANAGER..!! ~dengan nada yg sgt marah..tolak segala alasan diorg sbb kdg2 depa tak mau passed on the phone to their manager~

    Dapat ckp ngan mngr depa, crta lebih kurg..then kata I WANT TO TERMINATE even after so long proud with celcom but because of their STUPID reps, I been a victim..!! marah sikit..

    Masa imma guna nokia 3G phone 3G also activted all time..xdak pon all those kind stupid charges prolong with the STUPID reason..chaitt..!! takdak kena mengena activate 3G kena charge smpi mcm tu..Sepanjang duk kat shah alam tahun lepas mmg duk 3G call ngan hubby kat Penang sbb nak tgk muka Boboy..but still the bill all together with the call charges and etc etc still around RM50-60..Depa mmg nak kena tuu..Bambu semangat sikit..sure dapat rebat..believe me..

  3. saya kena dgn maxis. masa tu awal2 guna iphone 2.5G (bukan yg iphone 3G maxis bawak masuk)so it was using EDGE.
    I was not properly informed that if in the event my wifi connection is out, the EDGE will automatically started and the bill start rolling.
    Manalah kita dok nak check symbol EDGE or WIFI yg tgh pakai kan.
    Kalu tengah bertenet kat tepon takde nak pandang detail2 tu.

    Tau tau bill datang dekat 600 hengget ,..haaa hamik..terus potonglahhhh...

    So whenever no wifi connection no internet..malas nak fikir. Derang2 ni ada je cara2 nak menghabiskan duit pengguna.

  4. sian u saba eh masalah nya kat mesia ni the other side pun sama gak mengong nya :) sad to say customer service telco kita is at the lowest level
    patut you amek nama dia and call balik cakap ngan dia or better still make complain pasal dia lak i pun hangin kalu org hang up on me

  5. hadoiii..psikooo...
    brape derang caj kat u?

  6. Wah so trauma.... lepas tu kena sepak2 mcm bola... ishhhh... tak baik... kesian kita sebagai pengguna... senang2 je kena buli...

  7. alamak kak bai..baru igt nak switch to celcom...bcoz i hate my stupid maxis...too much extra hidden limit 150 tp bill jadi 600 how?

  8. salam..
    i memang dah penah terkena dgn CELCOM nih.
    Lebih kurang your case juga. 3G services kena reduced speed becoz of they claimed that i dah guna over limit the monthly access which is 5Gig/month
    Like WTF lah kan, my 3G in only on my phone, which i guna ONLY for twitter and update status in fb.
    they claimed that kalau nak guna cm speed biasa kena bayar rm5/gig.
    customer service diorg mmg bongok tahap cipan.
    useless and not helpfull at all!!
    last sekali a friend suggested i buat aduan kat SKMM for this issue.
    i lodged the report and within seminggu ada 1 guy from 1 department (yg uruskan aduan from SKMM) call i bg feedback.
    he claimed that i guna 1 application (My Traveller) in my hp from 4pm-4.30pm at a said time that caused the over limit usage.
    totally tak boleh terima masuk akal.
    i argue pun x guna and bila i demand to see my detailed 3G usage, he said takboleh beri pada customer sbb P&C.
    and guess what, besoknya; my 3G speed was back to normal.
    nampak sangat kan celcom ni nak amik kesempatan dgn customer?
    i mmg dah hangin dg dgn celcom, nak tukar line lain tp memikirkan i selalu kena outstation kt tmpat yg remote so d only line yg ada is celcom.
    so terpaksalah redha.

    i suggest u report dgn SKMM saja.
    just go to their website.
    and lodge a report.
    i percaya, mmg dah ramai yang kena dgn celcom ni, tp maybe they dont know how to react, and what channel to use utk report.

    eh panjang dah komen i.
    panas hati bila baca ur entry ni. :D

  9. ya ampun i dengar pun tensen.. banyak tak charge 3g tu? i on gak 3g nanti nak check balik bill..

  10. my hubby pun kene mcm ni.. bil sampai 600.. paling kurang 300.. so sekrg dia terus terminate 3g guna call biasa jer.. tak kuasa dia nk layan.. sumer nk duit je sekrg.. hampehh

  11. Huhhh.. Bahaya tul depa nih skrg.. Macam2 alasan makan duit orang free2 buta gitu jer..

  12. HOW RUDE!!!!??? Nincompoops tul Celcom ni !!! I say switch to the other side too ... SWITCH SWITCH SWITCH!!!! .... NGAH NGAH NGAH!!! ^_^

  13. SWITCH!SWITCH!SWITCH! (not that I am paid to encourage you... he!he!he! but don't be to hasty coz, on the other side, isn't always as rosy. we have our lousy moments that make us go Bengong la MAXIS nie!!! (oops terckap sudah...)

  14. beautiful blog..pls visit mine and be a follower.. thanks and God bless..

  15. Hi, you just switch and be done with it. I did too, few months back.
    Big companies are all like that ada chance to make money, squeeze the customers, they will, bila ada problems, see how the managers run.

    I have had enough of these big companies....and one day challenged the CEO of a Fortune 500 company to come out from where he was hiding to face me.
    That coward instead asked his Vice president to send letter of apology.

    There are always clowns working as CEO's or else they will know whats happening to their customers.
    Go switch! You stay easy....Lee.

  16. fwd komplen ckp xdek sapa advise u and ckp u xmo byr bill tu sbb dorg kasik wrong info. dulu time keje, kompeni i penah ade prob ngan maxis patu i write a letter n komplen ckp yg DORANG KASIK WRONG INFO N XADVISE BEBETOL. KIRE CAM KITA NIH DITIPU AND TAK NAK BAYO THE BILL'. seb beik dpt xyah bayo hihi

  17. This is especially common with Iphone users here. I know of frens & even my son who are Iphone users, the 1st bill we got, would balloon like S$400+ just becoz they turned on 3G even thou didn’t use. If ter-turn-on when overseas, even worst! A fren just use the GPS in her Iphone for few mins to locate a place, then forgot to switch off the 3G, then balik kena….S$17000, really !!!! But mainly for Iphone, tak taulah kalau in msia mcm mana.

  18. hmmm....speechless. byk sgt cara nak mengenakan customer la depa ni. boikot ja!

  19. hahahaha ngamuk sakan u ni..sabojela yer bulan2 pose ni.



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