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Stop being paranoid please!

Sometimes I can get extremely paranoid.

Like yesterday morning, I was heading back to my parent's house with them. From our house. My brothers and mom went down first while I double checked every thing around the house. Just to make sure that I  have turned off the switches and locked the windows/doors. When it was all done, I went out, pressed the lift button and almost went inside when I suddenly remembered my handphone. Oh shoot! Where did I put it anyway?!? So I went back to the house and looked around for it. I ended up finding it in my old clustered handbag. I soooo need new handbag! Silly me!

SO. I went back to the lift and press the button. This time, the other lift arrived first and suddenly my paranoid mind started to run wild, wild thoughts in them.

I started to become suspicious. It was like some super natural power did not want me to take the other lift at that particular time. It messed up with my mind, making me think that I had forgotten to bring my hp along when it was already in my handbag all this wile.

Then I started to imagine the WORST CASE SCENARIO. Maybe I was about to be abducted, killed or something. What if the lift door open at that exact moment and a killer walks in inside? There was no one in the lift with me at that time and I doubt no one would even heard me if I scream out loud! OR. What if the lift got stuck in between two floors and a 'super natural' being glide in inside. What shall I do then? I hope I will be scared shit sampai pengsan so that I won't have to face the being for long! My hands got so sweaty and there were goosebumps all around my neck.

While my mind was still trying to conjure up scary, scary thoughts, suddenly the lift stopped at the basement. And the door opened. There was a guy standing so close to the lift door. I was already so jumpy that I almost shrieked out loud when I saw him! Thank God I didn't, but I jumped out of the lift so fast I think I scared the shit out of that poor man. Hahaha! Though it made me laugh thinking about it now, but I still wish I could stop being paranoid all the time!

ERMMMM. Back to my paranoia. So nothing bad happened to me yesterday. But it could be happening today, who knows?


  1. hehehe..
    tinggi imaginasi tu! :)

  2. ..ahahahah..hebat r imagine..ahahaha..abducted by alien..try r naek lif kat sepital plak..tgh2 mlm lg r hebat paranoid akak..tahap naga r!~

  3. hey, i penah jd mcm tu...yg klakornya bila i terkejut tengok muka dia bila pintu lift tu terbukak, dia pun terkejut sama n both of terjerit haha :D
    lawak pulak jadinya

  4. sz mass : sangat tinggi!

    lunar wolf : haaa tak berani! kang tak sempat apa da pengsan. hahaha

    zarin : that's funny!!! hahahahaha

  5. huih...sungguh la, i pon dulu selalu imagine cenggitu especially kalu naik lift mlm2 sorg2...
    now ni pulak, if i had to stay at home alone with only me and my lil' one..mula lah pikir mcm2..what if ada perompak masuk ikut ceiling ...or ader org ketuk pintu tgh2 mlm ke...uishh..xmo ah pikir camtu..takottt

  6. oi oi..kemain lagi pikiaq yg bukan2 no...



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