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I've been attacked !


First attack went like this.

I love our house as it's located on the hills and surrounded by luscious greenery. Windy, peaceful and luscious ambient completes my daily life. However, where there are greenery, there surely are insects and wildlife that comes with it.

Last couple of nights, my mom and brother came to spend the night at our house. The guys went out that night and I was left with mom and the little guy at home. After done with some chores, I went to the bedroom to take a shower. It was then tat I first noticed something was buzzing near the ceiling light. I didn't see the thing clearly though as I was without my lens, so I simply ignored it.

After shower, I went to the room next door and saw another 'insect' buzzing near the wall light. I  immediately went to the hall and put on my glasses. Then I saw it! There were tebuan, a couple of them buzzing angrily at the lights! I sprayed them with the Cosway's Lanshield spray, tapi gila kebal tebuan-tebuan tu ok! They became more furious and buzzed even louder at me!

I had to ask the little guy and my mom to wait outside while I tried my best to spray and spray and sprayyyyyyy them to death. But damn the spray! Sikit pun tak pening si tebuan2 itewww! So in the end, I too waited outside the house for the guys to come back and take care of the situation.

They came home after 5 minutes and managed to beat the tebuans to death. At final count, there were 11 of them, gila banyak ok. Nasib tak kena sengat or else the three of us would've ended up in the hospital bed that night!

Second attack happened last night.

The little guy and I were at my parent's house the whole day yesterday. I was imported by my mom to be the maid supervisor for the day, and my brother only sent me back home after 8pm. Once arrived, I asked the big guy whether he missed us while we were not around. How it felt like coming back home to an empty house? Much to my 'pleasure', he said he felt peaceful as there was no one there to nag at him. And he could watch The Vampire Diaries on his wide screen in peace. Ok good, tiap-tiap hari boleh pi rumah mak macam nih. Hahaha!

Anyway. The big guy tengah menggilai The Vampire Diaries at the moment, he would watch at least one episode every night. I guess all those vampire stuff has really gotten into his head. Because last night, HE TRIED TO ATTACK ME! He went all "Warghhhh warghhhh!!!" and grabbed my hands. Then he tried draining my blood, sinking his teeth into my wrist but thank God his fangs were not vampire-y enough so he failed big time!  Amidst all that havoc, I somehow managed to blurt out that I'm hoping against hope that he's imagining himself to be Damon instead of Stephen, because, well... Stephen is really not my type. IF I have to,  then I'd rather have my blood drained by the good looking vampire. Hahaha!


Beware big guy! I'll be armed with a stick to give you a good knock on the head the next time you try sucking my blood again!


  1. the 1st attack : uishhh sgt bahaya... be careful laling...

    the 2nd attack : auwwwww!!!!!! no comment! hahahahhahahahaha

  2. i tot 2nd attack tu tebuan attack lg..rupa2nya kena attack ngan vampire rupenya..kikiki..

    next time klu vampire nk attack lg..baca ayat kursi pastu hembus kat muka dia okay..hehehe..

  3. ahahhaha..
    i tot dua2 attack dari tebuan, skali vampire hubby.. ahahhaa...
    dua2 bahaya.. beware!

  4. aauuucchhhh...2-2 atack bahaya!
    ihikss..mcm seram la vampire dairies tu..

  5. hehehe.guna merton la.xkan just a stick to knock?

  6. hehehe stick ke? bukan u kena paku dia ke heheh

  7. ko sweet sangat!!!!

  8. erkk tebuan tak lut ek kalau spray... pergh kalau kene sengat kat bibir kalah angelina jolie ekekekek

  9. hahaa. yg first attack tu acceptable lah jugak. yg second attack tu gila comel! sweet sangat! awhh~ *.*



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